Accreditation Funding

VPAA provides funding for accreditation fees from an accrediting body for colleges and departments. VPAA only pays membership fees when it is required by the accrediting body to hold a membership. VPAA does not pay for accreditation visits by the accrediting body or any other additional accreditation costs (workshops, travel, etc.).

Please send Kim Williams the invoice; our office will create the purchase order or direct pay so that we may directly incur the cost of the accreditation fee or membership expense in our office deptid.

VPAA partially funds University-wide level accreditations with the other divisional offices. Please contact us to discuss funding.

If your program is nationally accredited, and the accreditation is approved by the dean, the accreditation process could be accepted in place of the Academic Program Review process, provided we have the proper documentation submitted to our office; the Vice Provost for Budget and Resource Allocation will make the final decision on this substitution. If approved, accreditation funding support will be considered at the same rates as Academic Program Review funding; for details please see the APR Funding website.

Information on our accredited programs

Information on our WASC accreditation