Academic Program Review Funding

VPAA currently provides up to $2,500 to each program undergoing academic program review (APR) to cover costs associated with writing the self-study. This will either be used by the department to backfill faculty in the classroom using the faculty buyout process, or may include hiring academic year (AY) faculty off-contract (during the summer break), or to pay for student assistants or other non-12-month staff to assist with preparing the APR. Twelve-month chairs/faculty are not paid additional salary for preparing the APR.

Chairs submit funding proposals to Bill Loker, Dean of Undergraduate Education for undergraduate programs, and/or Sharon Barrios, Interim Dean of Graduate Studies for graduate programs. They review proposals and contact VPAA when funding is approved. Please contact Kim Williams at x6560 or for more information.

VPAA also provides up to $1,000 toward external reviewer services and travel. Please complete the reimbursement form for external reviewer funding. 

Please see the Academic Program Review website for more information.