Annual Budget for Academic Year 2010-2011

The State of California and therefore the California State University are presently going through the most difficult budget year that any of us has seen. Last February, the governor and the legislature resolved a massive budget deficit, only to perform the same difficult exercise in July as state revenues continued to decline.  As a consequence of state reductions to the CSU, all of us have been working together to address a $564 million funding reduction. Combined with earlier cuts, state funding support for the CSU is now $625 million less than it was two years ago.

Given that state General Fund resources are likely to be severely constraint for the next several years, the CSU is planning for significant reductions for 2010-11 freshman and transfer admissions.  As part of this strategy, CSU, Chico’s residential enrollment target has been reduced from 14,712 to 13,459 with an associated reduction in funding.  All this at a time when interest in Chico academic programs and the Chico Experience is at an all-time high.  In the midst of these challenges our faculty and staff efforts continue to be focused on the heart of the matter: student learning and student success. 

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