Budget and Academic Resources, Campus Zip 110

Jennifer Mays, Interim Associate Vice Provost x6566 KNDL 102
Tom Ussery, Space and Facilities Utilization Specialist x4535 KNDL 202
Kathleen Gentry, Resource Allocation Specialist x4116 KNDL 102
Kim Williams, Office Coordinator x6560 KNDL 102

Institutional Research and Testing, Campus Zip 850

Ben Juliano, Interim Chief Institutional Research Officer x6033 SSC 406B
Chris Winch, Data Analyst x5624 SSC 406A
Lynn Abbiati, Data Analyst x5621 SSC 406C
Sylvana Velasquez, Analyst/Programmer x5067 SSC 406D
Dana Francis, Office Coordinator x6218 SSC 420
Diane Ramalia, Admin Support Assistant x4726 SSC 420