CSU, Long Beach Accountability Report

CSULB Strategic Planning CSULB is committed to effective planning. The campus routinely conducts formal planning at three levels: (1) the entire university, (2) each of the four campus divisions, and (3) colleges and programs within divisions. A significant campus strength is the clear linkage between university-wide planning and university-wide budgeting. Several indicators demonstrate the maturity and effectiveness of planning at CSULB:

  • Annual goal setting for the whole campus achieved through the Mid-Range Goals Process.
  • The annual resource allocation process based on campus plans accomplished through the Resource Planning Process Committee.
  • Accountability reporting to the Chancellor's Office that thoughtfully addresses key campus issues.
  • Development of a long-range enrollment management plan approved by the Academic Senate and the Chancellor's Office.
  • Planning and implementation of a new General Education program.
  • Development of a Multi-Year Plan for the Division of Academic Affairs.
  • Annual goal setting and program review in the Division of Student Services.
  • Annual goal setting in the Division of University Relations and Development.
  • Annual goal setting and more recently the Balanced Scorecard Initiative in the Division of Administration and Finance.
  • Planning and allocation of technology funds by the Baseline Access to Technology Committee.

Below are recent planning reports. For an overview of campus processes, see "CSULB Planning Processes."


CSULB Mid-Range Goals 2002-2005
CSULB Enrollment Plans for 2006-2007
CSULB Mid-Range Goals 2001-2004
Accountability data Base Year +1
Report on Progress Toward CSULB 2000-03 Mid-Range Goals
CSULB Accountability Goals Report to the Chancellor's Office
CSULB Year 2000 Accountability Report
Report of the CSULB Campus Enrollment Committee
CSULB Mid-Range Goals 2000 -2003
CSULB Enrollment Growth Slide Show Senate Retreat Presentation


CSULB's Assessment Plans
CSULB's Mission Statement
CSULB's Strategic Priorities and Goals 2006-2009
CSULB's Policy on Planning
CSU Accountability Process


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