San Luis Obispo Accountability Report

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Cal Poly's Accountability
CSU Accountability
Additional Resources and Documents
  • Review of the Baccalaureate in the CSU
  • Family Education Rights and Policy Act (FERPA)
  • Cal Poly Facts 2005-06
  • Higher Education Act (HEA) Disclosures and Information
  • National Center for Postsecondary Improvement (NCPI)
  • "A Need Answered: An Executive Summary of Recommended Accountability Reporting Formats."
  • "Accountability for Achievement: 1994 Report on Accountability Indicators." The University of Wisconsin System. September 9, 1994
  • Ashworth, Kenneth H., "Performance-Based Funding in Higher Education: The Texas Case Study."
  • California Postsecondary Education Commission. 1994. "The Performance of California Higher Education, 1994: The First Annual Report to the Governor, Legislature, and California's Citizens in Response to Assembly Bill 1808 (Chapter 741, Statutes of 1991). Sacramento, CA: State of California.
  • "CSU Benchmarking Systemwide History: 1993-Present."
  • "CSU in the 1990's: An Account." The California State University. June, 1996.
  • Gaither, Gerald H., Ed. "Assessing Performance in an Age of Accountability: Case Studies." San Francisco: Josey-Bass, 1995.
  • Graham, Patricia, et al. "Accountability of Colleges and Universities: An Essay." The Accountability Study, The Trustees of Columbia University in the city of New York. 1995
  • "SUNY's Performance Indicators Report." The State University of New York. February 1993.
  • Wellman, Jane V., "Accountability: Threat or Promise?" Association of Governing Boards Trusteeship.
Program Review Policy and Process
Program Review Resources and Additional Documents - General
Accreditation Resources and Additional Documents - Discipline-Specific
Examples and Best Practices - General
  • San Francisco for GE
  • American Association of Higher Education: Assessment Forum (AAHE)
  • Executive Order 595, General Education Breadth Requirements.
  • Forest, Aubrey, "Increasing Student Competence and Persistence: The Best Case for General Education." The ACT National Center for the Advancement of Educational Practices, 1982.
  • Meacham, Jack., "Assessing General Education." AAC&U Network for Academic Renewal
  • "Overview of General Education Assessment Programs in Other States." Assessing General Education Outcomes: Appendix C.
  • "Portland State University, University Studies Program: A Model for Comprehensive Reform in Undergraduate General Education. "Portland State University, Office of University Studies. June, 1994
  • "The Use of Surveys in the Assessment of General Education: Peter Ewell's Questions." Assessing General Education Outcomes: Appendix E.
  • Yarborough, Donald B. (1992, Spring) "Some Lessons to be Learned from a Decade of General Education Outcomes Assessment with the ACT COMP Measures" Innovative Higher Education. Vol. 16, no. 3. p 223-234.
Examples and Best Practices - Disciplinary Specific
Methods, Instruments, and Strategies
Methods, Instruments, and Strategies - Quantitative
  • SAT, ACT, GRE, etc. analysis by college
  • Job Placement Rates
  • Retention, Graduation rates
  • Student Course Evaluation
Methods, Instruments, and Strategies - Qualitative
  • Program Self-Studies (Used for Academic Program Review and Specialized/Professional Accreditation)
  • 2000 WASC Self-Study
  • Cal Poly's 2000 Accountability Report
  • NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) 2000 Study
  • Career Fair Participants Survey
  • Employer Satisfaction Survey
  • Graduating Senior Surveys
Grants and Workshops
  • Outcomes Assessment: The Accreditation Process; Roger Debreceny (LaGrange College)
  • "Academic Philosophies and Programs," excerpt from CSUMB campus catalog.
  • ACT. (1995). COMP Planning Guide for prospective users.
  • Alverno College (1992). Liberal Learning at Alverno College Alverno productions.
  • Aper, Jeffery P., Dennis E. Hinkle. "State Policies for Assessing Student Outcomes." Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 62, No. 5.
  • Astin, Alexander W., "Assessment, Value-Added, and Educational Excellence. New Directions for Higher Education, no. 59. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, Fall 1987.
  • Baird, Leonard L., "Value Added: Using Student Gains as Yardsticks of Learning."
  • Banta, Trudy W. and Associates. 1993. Making a Difference: Outcomes of a Decade of Assessment in Higher Education. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass, 1993.
  • CSU Institute for Teaching and Learning (1992) Student Outcomes Assessment: What Makes it Work?
  • Culver, Steven M., Dennis R. Ridley. "How to Guarantee the Failure of Assessment at Any Institution by Following 17 Easy, Proven Rules." Assessment Update. July-August 1995, Volume 7, Number 4.
  • "Educational Plan: Teaching, Learning, and the Design of Educational Programs at CSUMB" June, 1996
  • Ewell, Peter T. "Accountability and Assessment: Recycling Quality and Performance Data." Draft paper.
  • Ewell, Peter T. (1991) "To Capture the Ineffable: New Forms of Assessment in Higher Education." in Review of Research in Education 17. Washington: American Higher Education Research Association. p. 75-126
  • Jones, Elizabeth et al., "National Assessment of College Student Learning: Identifying College Graduates' Essential Skills in Writing, Speech and Listening, and Critical Thinking. U.S. Department of Education - Office of Educational Research and Improvement 1995.
  • Larkin, Joe. "Teaching, Learning and Assessment at CSUMB: A Discussion Paper"
  • Light, Richard J., "The Harvard Assessment Seminar: Explorations with Students and Faculty about Teaching, Learning, and Student Life." First Report. Harvard University, 1990.
  • Light, Richard J., "The Harvard Assessment Seminar: Explorations with Students and Faculty about Teaching, Learning, and Student Life." Second Report. Harvard University, 1992.
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  • Terenzini, Patrick T., "Assessment with Open Eyes: Pitfalls in Studying Student Outcomes." Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 60, No. 6.
  • "University learning Requirements (for students completing lower-division requirements at CSUMB)" June, 1996
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