CSU, Chico

CSU, Chico

CSU, Chico

Our Strategic Priorities

  1. Believing in the primacy of learning, we will continue to develop high-quality learning environments both inside and outside the classroom.

  2. Believing in the importance of faculty and staff, and their role in student success, we will continue to invest in faculty and staff development.

  3. Believing in the wise use of new technologies in learning and teaching, we will continue to provide the technology, the related training, and the support needed to create high quality learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom.

  4. Believing in the value of service to others, we will continue to serve the educational, cultural, and economic needs of Northern California.

  5. Believing that we are accountable to the people of the State of California, we will continue to diversify our sources of revenue and strategically manage the resources entrusted to us.

  6. Believing that each generation owes something to those which follow, we will create environmentally literate citizens, who embrace sustainability as a way of living. We will be wise stewards of scarce resources and, in seeking to develop the whole person, be aware that our individual and collective actions have economic, social, and environmental consequences locally, regionally, and globally.

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