Strategic Priority #3

Believing in the wise use of new technologies in learning and teaching, we will continue to provide the technology, the related training, and the support needed to create high quality learning environments both inside and outside of the classroom.

Information technology provides opportunities to revolutionize and improve the way we teach, learn, and conduct university business. We will continue our history of leadership in the effective use of academic technology by seizing those opportunities that enhance our core educational mission, including on-line learning. We will continue to distinguish ourselves by building an electronic learning community that links knowledge, curricula, students, faculty, and staff. We will be guided by the "Seven Principles for Effective Teaching," as stated in our criteria for faculty retention, promotion, and tenure, and we will utilize instructional technologies that support these principles, where appropriate.

Links to Evidence and Related Topics

WASC Standards
  • Achieving Educational Objectives Through Core Functions --Support for Student Learning/computer labs, information resources:
    • CFR 2.13
  • Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Sustainability -- Information Resources: