Strategic Priority #6

Believing that each generation owes something to those which follow, we will create environmentally literate citizens, who embrace sustainability as a way of living. We will be wise stewards of scarce resources and, in seeking to develop the whole person, be aware that our individual and collective actions have economic, social, and environmental consequences locally, regionally, and globally.

A hallmark of Chico State is the beautiful and inviting physical environment of our campus. We will become an environmentally-engaged university, seeking to elevate our collective consciousness about the environment, recognizing our responsibilities to steward the inherited and created assets of our region, while articulating these values for the wider audiences we reach. We will make Chico State the distinctive "green" campus in California and become a national leader in environmental education, science, and public policy analysis; the building of environmentally responsible facilities; and practicing sustainability principles.

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WASC Standards
  • Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Sustainability -- Fiscal, Physical, and Information Resources: