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Standard 1: Defining Institutional Purposes and Educational Objectives Criteria for Review

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CFR 1.1: The Institution's formally approved statements of purpose and operational practices are appropriate for an Institution of higher education and clearly define its essential values and character. Evidence

CFR 1.2: Educational objectives are clearly recognized throughout the institution and are consistent with stated purposes.  The institution has developed indicators and evidence to ascertain the level of achievement of its purposes and educational objectives. Evidence

CFR 1.3: The Institution's leadership creates and sustains a leadership system at all levels that is marked by high performance, appropriate responsibility, and accountability. Evidence

CFR 1.4: The Institution publicly states its commitment to academic freedom for faculty, staff and students, and acts accordingly. This commitment affirms that those in the academy are free to share their convictions and responsible conclusions with their colleagues and students in their teaching and in their writing. Evidence

CFR 1.5: Consistent with its purposes and character, the Institution demonstrates an appropriate response to the increasing diversity in society through its policies, its educational and co-curricular programs, and its administrative and organizational practices. Evidence

CFR 1.6: Even when supported by or affiliated with political, corporate, or religious organizations, the Institution has education as its primary purpose and operates as an academic institution with appropriate autonomy. Evidence

CFR 1.7: The Institution truthfully represents its academic goals, programs, and services to students and to the larger public; demonstrates that its academic programs can be completed in a timely fashion; and treats students fairly and equitably through established policies and procedures addressing student conduct, grievances, human subjects in research, and refunds. Evidence

CFR 1.8: The Institution exhibits integrity in its operations as demonstrated by the implementation of appropriate policies, sound business practices, timely and fair responses to complaints and grievances, and regular evaluation of its performance in these areas. Evidence

CFR 1.9: The Institution is committed to honest and open communication with the Accrediting Commission, to undertaking the accreditation review process with seriousness and candor, and to abiding by Commission policies and procedures, including all substantive change policies. Evidence