Administrative and Organizational Practices on Diversity

Links to Evidence and Related Topics

  • CSU, Chico Diversity website provides links to programs, student groups, a news and notes section, and community resources dealing with diversity
  • CSU, Chico Human Resources website relating to diversity and social equity
  • The Report of the Faculty Senate Subcommittee on Faculty/Staff Minority Recruitment and Retention
  • Many Academic Senate committees deal with matters of diversity within their duties.  The Affirmative Action Committee, The ADA Committee, and the Faculty and Student Policies Committee deal directly with matter of diversity while others like the EPPC take on issues of diversity in the classroom as matters are brought before the campus through the usual review process
  • As a part of its regular practices and responsibilities, the Office of Admissions works every year to recruit a diverse student body.  Admissions estimate it spends a third of its budget on a variety of activities to attract a diverse pool of student applicants.  In addition, this year the University formed the Strategic Enrollment Committee to further strategies to increase the number of students of color at CSU, Chico.
  • Student Services directly benefiting diversity
  • The Annual Affirmative Action Plan section entitled "Job Group Analysis and Placement of Incumbents in Job Groups" reports the racial/ethnic makeup of each of the Job Groups working on campus.