Other Co-Curricular Programs Provided by Chico Performances, the College of Humanities and Fine and Associated Students Presents

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  • The campus magazine, Kaleidoscope, lists all programming of Chico Performances and HFA and is mailed and inserted in various newspapers annually to over 70,000 recipients.
  • Each of these programs has programming of many different disciplines of the Arts; dance, music, theatre, lectures, comedy, and many more.  Students get discounted ticket prices to attend these programs.  Many CSU, Chico students take course work that requires them to attend a certain number of performances each year as part of their class or for extra credit in their class.
  • The programming provides a broad spectrum of talent from all over this world this fulfills the Mission of the University and gives our CSU, Chico students and the Chico community and surrounding area the ability to enjoy the talents of many different cultures.
  • Chico Performances brings a series call Field Trip Series to campus with about 30 opportunities for K-12 school children to enjoy a wide range of culturally diverse performers to captivate children with the magic of live performance.  The series is for schools, clubs, and families, any group of kids.  All Field Trip presentations are 50 minutes in length as an abbreviated performance of the shows that are performed in the evenings in Laxson Auditorium.  This series brings between 20,000 to 30,000 school aged children to the CSU, Chico Campus annually which often serves as the first time they are exposed to a college campus environment.  This is also a great tool as the first step towards bringing them to the CSU, Chico campus when they are ready to go to college.
  • The Associated Students (AS) is the representative body of all registered students at CSU, Chico. The AS is a not-for-profit corporation that provides various services to the students of CSU, Chico meeting their personal, academic, and co-curricular needs. "The Associated Students enriches the campus life at California State University, Chico.  The Associated Students compliments the educational mission of the university through the actualization of the university experience.  AS offers student government, Bell Memorial Union Facilities, a broad spectrum of programs, services, and integral campus enterprises." (AS Services)