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Standard 3: Developing and Applying Resources and Organizational Structures to Ensure Sustainability

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CFR 3.1:     The institution employs personnel sufficient in number and professional qualifications to maintain its operations and to support its academic programs, consistent with its institutional and educational objectives. Evidence

CFR 3.2:      The institution demonstrates that it employs a faculty with substantial and continuing commitment to the institution sufficient in number, professional qualifications, and diversity to achieve its educational objectives, to establish and oversee academic policies, and to ensure the integrity and continuity of its academic programs wherever and however delivered. Evidence

CFR 3.3:      Faculty and staff recruitment, workload, incentive, and evaluation practices are aligned with institutional purposes and educational objectives.  Evaluation processes are systematic, include appropriate peer review, and, for instructional faculty and other teaching staff, involve consideration of evidence of teaching effectiveness, including student evaluations of instruction. Evidence

CFR 3.4:      The institution maintains appropriate and sufficiently supported faculty development activities designed to improve teaching and learning consistent with its educational objectives and institutional purposes.  Evidence

CFR 3.5:      Fiscal and physical resources are effectively aligned with institutional purposes and educational objectives, and are sufficiently developed to support and maintain the level and kind of educational programs offered both now and for the foreseeable future. Evidence

CFR 3.6:      The institution holds, or provides access to, information resources sufficient in scope, quality, currency, and kind to support its academic offerings and the scholarship of its members.  For on-campus students and students enrolled at a distance, physical and information resources, services, and information technology facilities are sufficient in scope and kind to support and maintain the level and kind of education offered.  These resources, services and facilities are consistent with the institution's purposes, and are appropriate, sufficient, and sustainable. Evidence

CFR 3.7:      The institution's information technology resources are sufficiently coordinated and supported to fulfill its educational purposes and to provide key academic and administrative functions.   Evidence

CFR 3.8:      The institution's organizational structures and decision-making processes are clear, consistent with its purposes, and sufficient to support effective decision making.   Evidence

CFR 3.9:      The institution has an independent governing board or similar authority that, consistent with its legal and fiduciary authority, exercises appropriate oversight over institutional integrity, policies, and ongoing operations, including hiring and evaluating the chief executive officer.  Evidence

CFR 3.10:    The institution has a chief executive whose full-time responsibility is to the institution, together with a cadre of administrators qualified and able to provide effective education al leadership and management at all levels. Evidence

CFR 3.11:    The institution's faculty exercises effective academic leadership and acts consistently to ensure both academic quality and the appropriate maintenance of the institution's educational purposes and character. Evidence