CPR Phase I: Evidence Teams

Seventeen evidence teams were constituted to identify, document, evaluate, and suggest improvements in "the evidence and/or data that the campus could / should use to demonstrate its commitment to institutional capacity."

Individual templates, adapted from the WASC 'Worksheet for Preliminary Self- Review under the Standards,' were used to solicit expert judgments on how the campus could demonstrate its capacity to define and sustain learning and educational effectiveness. Each team received a customized worksheet / template on which to record its responses to five questions regarding the Criteria for Review assigned to the team:

  • What evidence, data or documentation of processes currently exist that demonstrate our capacity regarding this criterion?
  • What is the quality of this evidence, data or documentation? How reliable, valid, and directly related to the criterion are they?
  • What improvements are needed in the quality of this evidence, data or documentation?
  • What evidence, data, documentation or processes do you recommend we develop in order to truly assess whether as an institution we meet this criterion?
  • Looking over all the evidence and data to be used to support CSU, Chico's claim to institutional capacity in this area, please indicate what you see as areas of strength as well as areas that most need improvement and measurement development.