In May 2001, the California State University began implementation of pbviews in order to support various campuses strategic management frameworks, provide systemwide accessibility to performance measurement and customer satisfaction data, and ultimately reach new heights for quality in the CSU.

Pbviews is an administrative tool designed to provide a comprehensive view of an organization's performance.   Performance measures are linked to the organization's strategic objectives and displayed in a hierarchical structure similar to an organization chart.

CSU, Chico proposed to use the Capacity and Preparatory Review as a vehicle to move towards the development of an electronic, web-based performance measurement system. More specifically, Chico indicated that it would begin to develop an infrastructure to use pbviews as the reporting system for its performance measurement system in general and WASC reaccreditation efforts in particular.

In the links below, we provide initial first and second level views of the elements of Chico State's performance measurement system.