CSU, Chico
FYE Catalog

First Year Experience

At CSU, Chico, we believe that the first year of university life is critical to student learning and success and that we can intentionally help first-year students reach educational and growth goals and achieve success. That first-year success, we believe, includes high levels of academic, intellectual, cultural, social, and civic engagement and personal development. To promote these types of success, we purposefully structure, restructure and nurture learning environments that, we believe, facilitate the broad scope of student engagement and personal growth.

CSU, Chico has chosen to use one of its Educational Effectiveness Review projects to more systematically test these beliefs. More specifically, we proposed to examine the factors that promote learning and success for first-year freshmen students.

CSU, Chico's First-Year Experience endeavors are woven into the fabric of the institution through the involvement of faculty, staff, and students. This campus-wide commitment to the development and enhancement of programs and services is intended to help students make a successful transition to, and establish their place in, university life--a life that finds support and encouragement both in the classroom and in all aspects of university and community experience outside the classroom.