GE Area Assessment Projects

AY 2005-06 saw a major effort to assess core student learning outcomes (SLO) in General Education at California State University, Chico. This work involved the combined efforts of the General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) and the All University Responsibility for Assessment (AURA) committee, as well as the participation of more than 75 faculty members across the university from all Colleges.

The current effort represented a significant departure from past GE assessment efforts, striving to go beyond course assessment to examine foundational skillsĀ - oral communication, writing and quantitative reasoningĀ - across a variety of GE courses. Task Forces composed of members of GEAC, AURA and additional faculty followed a common strategy of:

  • using EM 99-05, in consultation with faculty, to define SLOs for these foundational skills,
  • identifying courses in GE as sites for assessment;
  • working with the faculty who teach these courses to identify assignments that could be used for embedded assessment of student learning on the SLOs identified,
  • analyzing the results of student work and drawing conclusions about GE instruction and learning from this analysis.

The assessment project continued in 2006-07, expanding to include another area of the GE core

General Documents 2005-06

Assessment Projects: