GE Assessment Project Management

The General Education Advisory Committee (GEAC) has primary responsibility for the assessment of General Education on campus.  The All University Responsibility for Assessment Committee (AURA) is responsible for providing campus leadership in the assessment of student learning outcomes in all baccalaureate programs, including GE.  Members of these two committees met jointly to craft a structure and process for GE Program Assessment that draws on the membership and experience of both committees, as well as other faculty with expertise, experience and interests relevant to this effort.

We understand program level assessment to mean the assessment of broadly based student learning goals and outcomes that are foundational to our students' general education.  On our campus, the GE program makes a distinction between Core and Breadth areas.  It is our intention to assess the four broad domains of student learning articulated in the GE Core: written communication, oral communication, quantitative reasoning, and critical thinking.  We are particularly concerned with assessing student learning outcomes (SLOs) for these domains.  In order to keep this process manageable, we will follow a model of "embedded assessment" where student work already assigned in the context of courses will be assessed to determine the level of student performance on well-defined SLOs.  We view our activities as part of an ongoing process of program-level assessment that will be extended to the Breadth areas in future years.  The GE Program Assessment discussed in this document represents a departure on this campus from routine GE assessment efforts that have focused on course level assessment.