GE Assessment

The General Education program is the foundation of undergraduate education at CSU, Chico. As such, General Education was a special topic in the Report on the Comprehensive Site Visit of CSU, Chico, March 25-28, 1996 as well as in the March 2, 2000 Chico Fourth-Year Report entitled "Progress Toward Reaffirmation in the New Century." Following exhortations in these reports, we will demonstrate our established mechanisms for translating GE assessment information into actual program change as part of the Educational Effectiveness Review.

In particular, we will conduct an audit of current GE assessment activities, identify "best" and "lesser" practices, and develop studies to improve the "lesser" practices. We will present several case studies of GE assessment initiatives that show our commitment to a culture of evidence and a culture of learning. And we will include not only long-established assessment initiatives, but also some of the newer initiatives resulting from the audit.