Innovative Use of Technology

The Report on the Comprehensive Site Visit of CSU, Chico noted that "information and technology are keys to CSU, Chico's future and the Learning-Centered Campus" and included an appendix entitled "Role of Information Technology at CSU, Chico in 2006." Both the report and the appendix foreshadowed many of the issues Chico has faced since the visit. Of particular interest here is the question posed by Stephen Ehrmann: "What Implications Does This New Information Infrastructure Have For General Education Reform and Vice Versa?" The projected state of funding for the CSU in general and CSU, Chico in particular and concomitant concerns about educational quality has increased the urgency and relevance of that question. We propose to explore academic technology as a means for leveraging faculty and student efforts, especially in the area of general education where the need for greater efficacy with fewer resources is most critical.

More specifically, we will

  • Review existing approaches and techniques (including CSU, Chico's Learning Productivity Projects) that allow effective student learning and strong student engagement in large-enrollment venues.
  • Experiment with the use of academic technology to achieve student learning, student engagement and cost savings in a limited and representative number of larger demand General Education courses.