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Academic Program Review

Program review processes play a key role in the improvement of undergraduate education at CSU, Chico. Such reviews have the potential to systematize a program's approach to academic quality and educational excellence. They provide a framework for quality management in our program offerings and other educational activities. Accordingly, we proposed to refine our Five-Year Program Review processes as part of the Educational Effectiveness Review.

More specifically, CSU, Chico plans to develop a new framework for academic program review. The elements of this new framework will align under the strategic priorities of the university, the ten principles of Cornerstones, the principles of the CSU Accountability Process, and the "core commitments" to institutional capacity and educational effectiveness that are embodied in the new WASC accreditation standards. The new review process is intended to refocus programs toward becoming more systematic and intentional about gathering data about the right things "performance and effectiveness" and on using the resulting information to continuously improve the program.

CSU, Chico pursues this project as a multi-phased, multi-year research inquiry, a process through which, with thoughtful experimentation and testing, a more effective, outcomes-based academic and co-curricular program review model would emerge. Academic year 2007-2008 marked the start of Phase V, the final phase, of the Academic Program Review Project.