CSU, Chico on

President Zingg's Statement
on Diversity

Context for Diversity Project

The Diversity Scorecard project came about as the result of a number of overlapping reports, initiatives, and events on the campus.  Diversity was a focus of the WASC accreditation visit of 1996.  The findings of that committee lead in turn to a number of efforts on campus. 

  • In November 2004 members of the campus community engaged in a day long workshop with members of the Equity Scorecard project from USC.  This workshop led to the decision that Chico State could use the scorecard model as a way to evaluate and strengthen its diversity efforts. 
  • Dr. Paul Zingg joined the Chico State campus as our President in 2004 and reaffirmed the importance of our diversity efforts in documents and addresses ever since.  Under his leadership a Diversity Coordinator was appointed and a diversity web site was launched. 
  • Also in 2004, the Faculty Senate formed a task force on Faculty and Staff Minority Recruitment and Retention.  This committee produced a comprehensive report and a set of recommendations in 2005. 
  • In 2005, CPR Evidence Team No. 3 evaluated Chico's commitment to the principles enunciated in the WASC Statement on Diversity. That evaluation led to the decision to develop a diversity Scorecard as part of the EERproject on diversity. Several scorecard models besides the one used by USC were reviewed and a model from the 2003 WASC regional conference was selected.