Technology & Learning Program Projects
TLP Learning Productivity Projects

History of Learning Productivity Projects

Since 1996, CSU, Chico has actively and more formally pursued projects designed to increase quality and productivity in learning and teaching. Initial efforts were stimulated by a burgeoning need for continued education and an anticipated tidal wave of new students. These factors were combined with the related questions of "How can we use new educational technologies to enhance student learning? To help students achieve their goals? To address different learning styles? To bring about student success?"

CSU, Chico began intentionally exploring the benefits of academic technology in 1996 with our first round of Learning Productivity Projects. These projects were funded by CELT grants that required faculty to outline objectives, assess outcomes, and communicate results to other faculty.

By 2002 it was recognized that the key challenge had shifted from a general exploration of academic technology to the creation of quality online learning environments. A faculty/staff committee reviewed existing best practices, learning styles, and standards (e.g., Graf and Caines' WebCT Exemplary Course Rubric, Bloom's Taxonomy, Chickering & Gamson's 7 Good Teaching Practices in Undergraduate Education). The outcome of this investigation was the creation of the Rubric for Online Instruction and the annual Exemplary Online Instruction Award.

This project will analyze and reflect upon our ten years of experience with academic technologies and identify approaches and techniques that allow effective student learning and strong student engagement, especially in large-enrollment venues.