The Nature of Student Engagement at a Residential Campus

CSU, Chico sees its unique residential situation as an opportunity to create an intensive, high quality learning environment both in and outside the classroom. The underlying belief is that such learning environments foster improved student learning. CSU, Chico chooses to use the Educational Effectiveness Review as a means of systematically validating these beliefs.

More specifically, we will

  • Assess and more formally articulate the Chico Experience - a clear and widespread view that the University has a unique and much beloved character that enhances the experience of all members of the campus community.
  • Embed diversity in our assessment of educational effectiveness in terms of student learning, student preparation and student success.
  • Assess the efficacy of Chico's comprehensive alcohol and drug education program that utilizes various prevention strategies to combat high-risk substance abuse.
  • Examine the factors that promote learning and success for first-year freshmen students and participate in the "Foundations of Excellence in the First Year of College" project