Campus Alcohol and Drug Education Center

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Alcohol and Substance Abuse

The University, particularly Student Affairs, has made alcohol and drug education and prevention a priority. Currently, the campus has a comprehensive alcohol and drug education program which utilizes various prevention strategies to combat high-risk drinking. As the institution continues to put energy and resources into programs aimed at discouraging alcohol and drug abuse, while encouraging responsible behavior, it is natural to ask questions regarding the efficiency of these efforts.

To this end, we will be evaluating the potential impact of a "risk management" approach to preventing alcohol-related problems. Strategies will be designed to change risky environments and reduce hazardous behaviors. The effectiveness of these strategies will then be monitored along with the development of any other drinking or drug problems.

Student Affairs is simultaneously evaluating the effectiveness of a science-based online prevention program designed especially for college students to serve as the cornerstone of a comprehensive campus prevention program.