Expected Outcomes

The California State University, Chico views the WASC re-accreditation process as an aid in further promoting the development of a "culture of learning" by deepening campus engagement with issues of educational effectiveness and student learning and in further institutionalizing a "culture of evidence" in which performance indicators inform and drive institutional improvement and decision making.

More specifically, we expect the review process to:

  • Deepen campus conversations about the nature of student engagement at a residential institution such as CSU, Chico; including academic and social engagement, first-year experience, substance abuse education and prevention, and diversity.
  • Re-orient the Academic Program Review Process towards a system of review that reinforces the values and principles of CSU, Chico, the CSU, WASC and other accreditation agencies.
  • Enhance assessment of General Education within the frameworks of the CSU, Chico General Education Policy and the CSU Accountability Process.
  • Explore alternative approaches to the wise use of academic technology in fostering scholarship in general and student learning in particular.
  • Strengthen our performance measurement systems and promote their use in decision making at all levels of the institution.
  • Stimulate progress in becoming a better learning organization by recognizing, sharing and transferring best practices.