Staging of Reviews

The Capacity / Preparatory and Educational Effectiveness Reviews will be conducted within the framework of Chico's vision and mission statements and its strategic plan. Accordingly, each will review in-depth selected aspects of the five strategic priorities identified in Chico's Strategic Plan for the Future.


  • Fall 2005: Finalize charges to task forces, advisory groups and existing university committees, and agree upon project management schedules.
  • Fall 2005 to spring 2009: Implementation of project management schedules by task forces, advisory groups and university committees.
  • Summer / fall 2006: Complete the Preparatory Review Report.
  • Spring 2007: Capacity and Preparatory Review Site Visit
  • Fall 2008: Complete the Educational Effectiveness Report.
  • Spring 2009: Educational Effectiveness Review Site Visit.

Organization for Execution

Members of the Council for Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability serve as the Steering Committee for the entire WASC re-accreditation effort. The Council engages Working Teams and Advisory Groups to guide the next phases of the re-accreditation process in general and the conduct of the self-study topics for the Educational Effectiveness Review in particular. Leaders of the additional groups interact regularly with members of the Council for Institutional Effectiveness and Accountability to ensure effective coordination and communication among all groups and campus constituents.