CSU, Chico

CSU, Chico

Our Vision

California State University, Chico sees its distinctive residential context as an opportunity to create an active, diverse, healthy, caring, innovative, and green learning and working environment. We aim to create a vital and collaborative living and learning experience for students, who will appreciate and embrace the local, regional, and global communities of which we are all a part. We have a well respected and dedicated faculty, a superior staff, and committed leadership together with cutting-edge learning and information resources.

All of these assets are placed within a beautiful and engaging physical environment. We are a place devoted to the academy's most fundamental tenets: reason, respect, civility, and community. We are a place where the passion of our commitments and clarity of our values find expression every day in the community of learning and serving we have fashioned.

As surely as we are a special place of people and ideas, as boldly as we are the "University of the North State," we aspire to be the "University of Choice" for all those who wish to share our vision and values.