Review / Visitation Reports

CSU, Chico has elected to share its accreditation efforts with internal and external stakeholders to promote improvement in educational and institutional effectiveness.

WASC on Chico Educational Effectiveness Review 2009

WASC on Chico Capacity Review 2007

WASC on Chico Institutional Proposal 2004

WASC Interim Report 2000

WASC Report on Chico 1996

CSU Chico///csuchico/www/vpaa/wasc/visitation/WASC Poster Session QT.movWASC Poster Session QT.movCPR Poster Session (QuickTime)CSU Chico///csuchico/www/vpaa/wasc/visitation/WASC Poster Session WMV.wmvWASC Poster Session WMV.wmvCPR Poster Session (MediaPlayer)CSU Chico///csuchico/www/vpaa/wasc/visitation/EERPosterSession1.pdfEERPosterSession1.pdfEER Poster Session I - Telling the Chico StoryCSU Chico///csuchico/www/vpaa/wasc/visitation/EERPosterSession2.pdfEERPosterSession2.pdfEER Poster Session II - Assessment of Student Learning