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Mike Spiess Kirby Pierson
Mike Spiess Kirby Pierson

Water resources, distribution, and consumption are a major issue in California. Simply put, we don’t have enough water for urban, agriculture, and environmental uses. Water conservation programs have been in place for many years, but unfortunately, water conservation is accomplished one yard, one playing field, and one orchard at a time. It is also an on-going process because it involves not only the design of the irrigation system, but how it is maintained and operated.

Water use is also tied to energy use since the vast majority of water is pumped. In most cases, water use is directly proportional to energy use. For example, if a 30% water savings are obtained then a 30% energy savings are also obtained.

Excess water consumption can have other environmental effects such as carrying pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizer into both surface and ground water. Water conservation will minimize these effects by applying water uniformly and in the correct amounts.