WASC Accreditation

Chico Accreditation Teams (CATS)

To provide the foundation for a high-quality self-study effort and resulting institutional report, Chico State is engaging many faculty, staff, students, alumni and other key stakeholders to achieve the broadest input for data gathering, analysis and reflection. 

Preparatory activities were launched and conducted by the Accreditation Planning Team that recommended the formation of a WASC Executive Committee and a series of WASC Essay Committees each led by a member of our WASC Steering Committee.

To ensure continued learning and coherence across the phases of reaffirmation, individuals participating in the preparatory phase were invited to serve as linking pins with the executive and steering committees, as well as the essay teams, so that important connections and insights were not lost. 

It is gratifying to observe the campus response to the reaffirmation of accreditation task and see campus constituents adopt a future orientation that seeks viability and sustainability. It is quite inspirational: we honor our past and seek to ensure our future.