WASC Accreditation

WASC Essay Committees

The overriding purpose of WSCUC accreditation is to assure stakeholders that a WSCUC-accredited institution has been rigorously evaluated and that it meets or exceeds the criteria required to maintain accreditation. In addition, the accreditation process is designed to build a culture of evidence, promote a commitment to institutional improvement, validate institutional integrity, and provide feedback that improves the accreditation process itself.

To demonstrate its commitment to student success, quality, integrity, accountability, and transparency, and to Tell the Chico Story, our Institutional Report is organized around the major themes of the strategic plan for the university:

Chico State: Together We Will ...

1. The Institutional Context

Student Learning and Student Success

2. Student Learning and Student Success

3. Student Support Systems

Academic Excellence

4. General Education Program

5. Undergraduate Programs

6. Graduate Programs

7. Innovative Pedagogies

8. Online and Distance Education

9. Faculty and Staff Excellence

Quality Assurance

10. Assessment at Chico State

11. Data-Driven Decision Making

12. Academic Sustainability

13. Financial Sustainability

14. Communal Sustainability

Transforming Tomorrow Together

15. Conclusion: Reflections and Plans for our Future


Compliance with Standards