WASC Accreditation

Institutional Report

DUE: September 25, 2018

Overview: The institutional report is based on the findings of the institution’s self-study and must address the topics of institutional context, educational quality, student success and student learning, quality assurance and sustainability. The institution may structure its report in the way it finds best suited to tell its story. 

On March 9, 2016, the CSU Board of Trustees announced the appointment of Gayle E. Hutchinson, as the 12th President of California State University, Chico. At her first convocation—an annual tradition whereby we assemble as one team, one university, one community—Hutchinson began to outline her vision for Chico State:

"We continue to demonstrate excellence in all areas of the university. … We lead through student success. We lead through teaching and learning. We lead through diversity and inclusion. We lead through global education. We lead through scholarship and research. We lead through community service and civic engagement. We lead through sustainable practice. … We will continue to be a leader in higher education.”


Components of the Institutional Report

Following the recommendation from the WASC Handbook of Accreditation 2013, our Institutional Report consists of the following components:

  1. Introduction: Institutional Context; Response to Previous Commission Actions
  2. Compliance with Standards: Self-Review under the Standards; the Compliance Checklist
  3. Degree Programs: Meaning, Quality, and Integrity of Degrees
  4. Educational Quality: Student Learning, Core Competencies, and Standards of Performance at Graduation
  5. Student Success: Student Learning, Retention, and Graduation
  6. Quality Assurance and Improvement: Program Review; Assessment; Use of Data and Evidence
  7. Sustainability: Financial Viability; Preparing for the Changing Higher Education Environment
  8. Institution-Specific Theme(s): Optional
  9. Conclusion: Reflection and Plans for Improvement
  10. Exhibits

A total of fourteen teams are working on developing an institutional presentation that will demonstrate our focus on student success, our pursuit of faculty and staff excellence, our reputation for academic distinction and innovation, our commitment to civic and community engagement, and our preparation for a sustainable future.

WASC: The institutional report narrative is typically 12,000 to 18,000 words (approximately 50-75 pages, double-spaced) in length. In the body of the report, it is helpful to hyperlink to relevant documents in the exhibits in order to support each assertion and to provide easy navigation for evaluators.