Cara Armstrong

Louvre, September 2010

Glass erupts out of stone as I’m walking,
following Edith’s red turban skimming across cobblestones,
see Thursday’s half-moon caught in a cage.

What I didn’t know: the best light in Paris
glimmers underground.
I am ready to worship with moles.

I slip wafers of glass under my tongue,
carry it with me—light,
and the silver hippo tooth,

the star the last king of France ate
before they cut off his head
to display it,

the scarab beetle,
hash marks on its belly
spelling out a secret name for god.

Author Portrait

Cara Armstrong is the illustrator and author of Moxie the Dachshund of Fallingwater and the tri-lingual Counting with Cats who Dream/Compte avec les Chats qui Revent/Contando con Gatos que Suenan. A visiting Assistant Professor at Norwich University in the School of Architecture + Art, she is currently working on The 15th Letter, a chapbook of poems and companion paintings.

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