Kristopher David Cooley

Worldly Experience

The universe rototilled through her
as an overwhelming scintillation of sonorous appetites:

Snoring roundly through slumber,
she wakes to swallow pills
and to break the fast of sleep—

hungry for voice,
throbbing music—

she licks inky letters of dusty newspaper,
glossy pages of magazines
and thick cardstock paper;

masticating plots,
gobbling the gist and grinding up characters
with her yellowing molars—

chewing entire volumes
and endless archives of paper,
she gags down wadded articles
and feels tight lumps of news
ooze, knotted, down her throat,

ingesting every serif of the world around her,
sucking with her eyes
and voraciously inhaling everything into her ears,
gorging and belching and digesting—

she crunches up the glass of television monitors,
tasting their spilt rainbows of fluid images;
she bruises her gums
on plastics of electronic devices,
splits her lips and chips her teeth
on concrete real-time live goings-on—

her stomach droops, ptotic and swollen;
information dribbles like spittle from her gluttonous mouth

Author Portrait

Kristopher “Catfish” David Cooley’s works have appeared in Jazz Cigarette, Blink Ink, and Lunaris Review. He’s a moody grad school dropout, devout Onondogscotian, and full-time shopaholic based in beautiful, moonlit North Carolina.