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Our Student Team

Elias Denny

Elias is a Media Arts major, who is going to school to follow his passion for film-making. When not hard at work, he enjoys snowboarding, longboarding, playing and listening to music. Another very important aspect of his life is family, he often travels home to Maxwell, CA to visit his parents and grandparents and to help with any work that needs to be done.

Annaliese Lemler

Annaliese grew up in the suburbs of the Bay Area before moving to Chico to pursue a B.A. in Mass Communication Design. Back home, she loves to get lost in botanical gardens or roam the streets of San Francisco looking for a new place to eat. When she isn’t drinking coffee or doing school work, you can probably find her binge watching TV shows or playing board games with her friends. Annaliese is currently studying abroad in Sweden and traveling around Europe.

Grace Patterson

Grace is a designer captivated by the balance of aesthetics and function and fueled by iced americanos. Her two majors (Bachelor of Arts in Spanish and in Communication Design) satisfy her passions, practical careers goals, and restless spirit, but she does enjoy running in the park, watching reality television, and cooking on her days off.