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Accessibility Assistance

We are committed sure that all the materials posted on the campus web are fully accessible to all audiences.

Our Responsibility

Lawsuits related to accessibility are hitting universities nationwide, and it seems as if we are hearing about more and more of them every day. To reduce our risk of liability—and to ensure that all our students can access our information—Web Services is strictly enforcing federal and CSU Accessible Technology Initiative requirements for items posted on the campus web.

Campus website owners and maintainers are responsible for the content accessibility of their sites, but Web Services is here to make it as easy as possible.

Resources for Making Your Site Accessible

Quick Steps to Accessible Multimedia

Don’t require users to download a file such as a pdf or PowerPoint presentation to read content—move that important information to a web page.

Check your site for multimedia content.

  • Images: Make sure your images are meaningful and relevant to your page content. Write good alt text for each one, too.
  • Videos: Make sure they have closed captioning.
  • PDFs: Check the accessibility of your pdfs in Adobe Acrobat to make sure they’re accessible. Forms that users need to print or fill out are a great way to use pdfs online. In fact, if you have many forms, consider creating a “Forms” page where they’re all listed and organized into helpful categories.
  • Other: Don’t link to PowerPoint presentations, Word docs, or other kinds of content that users will have trouble accessing on mobile devices or that requires installation of a particular program.

External Remediation Resources