Web Services

Site Self Maintenance

As part of regular maintenance, Web Services scrubs the web server at the end of each semester and re-publishes all sites from Cascade. This eliminates many phantom pages and broken links.

Your Part

Over time, department sites can get out of control. Is yours full of out-of-date content or difficult for users to navigate? To ensure yours is an effective site, ask yourself a few questions:

  • Who is the audience? Current Students, Parents, Faculty?
  • What are they looking for? Prioritize pages that are used the most.
  • What are they finding? Is this easy to find?
  • What pages are not being used? Deleting these pages is the easiest way to make the rest of the site more effective.
  • Are there actions you want viewers to take? Join, Give, Request?
  • Look at your PDFs, document links and videos. Delete those that are not being used. Some documents might be better suited as a web page instead.
  • Videos/pdfs/documents MUST be accessible—help is available through the Office of Accessible Technology and Services. Request a support ticket to get your media remediated. 

For guidance in writing and editing, refer to the University Standards and Guidelines.

Look at Page Views

Site analytics are a powerful tool. Look at page views to see if visitors are getting to the content they need—if they aren’t, think about ways to make that content easier to find. Delete pages that aren’t getting views. Check your analytics in SiteImprove or request analytics from Web Services.