Web Services

Website Services

The website services we offer can be defined in two categories: Content Updates and Custom Features. Within the basic framework there are tools available that can help your site can stand out, so contact us to find out what is the right option for you. 

Content Updates

Although websites are easy to update in the Cascade Server web content management system, some departments prefer help from Web Services. There is a charge associated with this service. Updates are typically completed within two business days.

One-Time Updates

This is for departments that only update their site once or twice a year, or a site that wants to make sweeping changes. Site reorganization can be included in a one-time update.

Annual Update Clients

Departments who need regular updates generally sign up to become an update client. This is an annual update service that covers June 1–May 31, and is geared to departments that are to small or busy to make changes to their websites. Web Services can make your changes without having to wait for a CAF, and we bill at the end of the fiscal year rather than the completion of the project or task.

Custom Features

Custom content can make your website stand out. Web Services offers a variety of options including sourcing photography, custom site background, custom banner design, buttons and icons, and social media feed setup.

Once we receive your service request, we will discuss your project via email or an in-person meeting. You will be given a cost estimate for your approval before work begins. Read more about our process here.


For all work completed by students, we charge a rate of $18 per hour. If the work requires staff time, it is billed at a rate of $38 per hour. We track time in increments of 15 minutes and each CAF requires a 1 hour minimum.

Interested in some examples? Check out our portfolio.