Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is striving to meet emotional needs constructively. It is maintaining good mental health, a positive attitude, high self-esteem, and a strong self-image. It is the ability to respond resiliently to emotional states and the flow of life every day.  It is dealing with a variety of situations realistically and learning more about yourself and how things you do affect your feelings. It is taking responsibility for your own behavior and responding to challenges as opportunities.

Tips to Increase Emotional Wellness

  • Practice optimism.
  • Spend time with friends and family discussing important personal concerns and being supportive of each other.
  • Participate in self-esteem workshops or support groups.
  • Read a self-help book that is of interest to you.
  • Learn time management skills and other stress management techniques.
  • Attend a wellness forum.
  • Smile at least 20 times each day.

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Emotional Wellness

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