Intellectual Wellness Links

Intellectual Wellness is having a curiosity and strong desire to learn. It is valuing many experiences, staying stimulated with new ideas, and sharing. It is responding to challenges and opportunities to grow, making plans, developing strategies, and solving problems. It is the ability to engage in clear thinking and recall, and to think independently, creatively, and critically.

Tips for maintaining a high level of intellectual wellness

  • Take a course or workshop in something outside your major and minor — a PE or an art class, for example
  • Learn (or perfect) a foreign language — Spanish, French, Portuguese and even Japanese are offered at CSU, Chico
  • Seek out intellectually inspiring professors — learn the art of add-drop
  • Subscribe to an interesting journal or newsletter — you'll get a regular dose of intellectual information
  • BUY A BOOK! — any book, or check some out from the library
  • Learn to appreciate art — attend exhibits, plays, musicals, and poetry readings
  • Explore different ways to use spare time — intellectually stimulating ways to pass time include crossword puzzles or board games like Scrabble and Chess
  • Learn basic nutrition and exercise regularly to maximize brain functioning — many nutrients are essential to good memory and concentration
  • These tips and more can be found in either The Campus Wellness Center Training Manual or "Where There's a Well, There's an A," Olney, C.W.

Intellectual Wellness