EZLN Communiques

A selection of statements issued by the Zapatista Army of National Liberation and by Subcomandante Insurgente Marcos, Chiapas, Mexico. This listing is complete for the period from the start of 1995 as far as I can tell - if you are aware of a communique in English not listed here please email me.

First Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle (Declaration of war) - Jan '94
Second Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - June '94
The Third Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - Jan '95
Fourth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - Jan '96
Fifth declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - July '98
First Declaration of La Realidad for Humanity and against Neoliberalism - Jan '96
2nd Declaration of La Realidad - Aug '96


A Message from Marcos - August 2004
Marcos breaks the silence with new communiques detailing what the Zapatistas have been up to

Two Flaws - August 2004
There are two mistakes which seem to have persisted in Zapatista political work: the place of women, on the one hand, and, on the other, the relationship between the political-military structure and the autonomous governments.

Three Shoulders August 2004
So we rose up in arms one first day of January in the year of 1994Éin order to seek another shoulder which would help us walk, that is, to exist.

Four Fallacies about the Good Government Juntas - August 2004
These were brandished by intellectuals of the right, judges, legislators and officials in order to oppose the San Andrés Accords, and the putting into practice of those accords with the creation of the caracoles and the Good Government Juntas

Five Decisions of Good Government - August
Marcos details the first year of the Good Government Juntas in which some internal accords were formalized and new decisions were defined

Six Advances - August
This is what the zapatista peoples are doing. They're not waiting for the government to give them charity and speeches. They are working to improve their living conditions, and they are achieving that.

Seven Days in Zapatista Territory - August
A snapshot of what is happening on the ground

Enter Durito - August
And so, when no one is expecting it (including me), a beetle appears on the screen (or on the paper) with the following speech:


Marcos - Announcing a series of changes - July
Marcos - Chiapas: The Thirteenth Stele - July
Marcos - Zapatista Army of National Liberation decided on the death of the so-called "Aguascalientes" - July
Marcos - Each caracol now had a name assigned - July
Marcos - We are Mexicans....but we are also indigenous - July
Marcos - The history of the rebel zapatista Autonomous Municipalities - July
Marcos - A Good Government - July
Marcos - The Thirteenth Stele : A Postscript - July
CCRI - Mobilizations are being held today in repudiation of the Iraq war - April 28
CCRI - The attack on Iraq is just one page in the script of terror - April
CCRI - Zapatistas sign 'We Are Working For Peace and Justice' manifesto - April
Marcos - Durito and One About False Options - March
CCRI - No to War - Feb
Marcos - The Federal District, the Twelfth stella - Feb
Marcos - Durito on trains and pedestrians - Jan
Marcos - The 11th stele:Morelos - Jan
Marcos - Guerrero the 10th stele - Jan
Marcos - The State of Mexico, the Ninth Stele - Jan
Marcos - Guanajuato the 7th stele - Jan
Marcos - Queretaro: The Sixth Stele - Jan
Marcos - Hidalgo, the fifth stele (The Mexico of Below) - Jan
Marcos - Tlaxcala, the Fourth Stele (The rebels of always) - Jan
Marcos - March: Veracruz, the third stele - Jan
Marcos - Puebla, the second stele (resistance and another church, the errant ones) - Jan
Marcos - Another Calendar: That of Resistance (1 stele) - Jan 31
Marcos - I shit on all the revolutionary vanguards of this planet (reply to ETA) - Jan 9
CCRI - Speeches by the Commandancia of the EZLN on the ninth anniversary of the uprising - Jan 1st


Marcos - The Basque Country: Paths - Dec
Marcos - The zapatistas can, and should, speak only about the indigenous question? - Dec
Marcos - EZLN sends greetings to the Madrid Aguascalientes - Oct 12
Marcos - We are in silence - and the silence is not being broken - Sept
AMC La Paz - Peace and Justice paramilitary group is organizing - Sept 6
AMC PdeE - Theft of corn - Sept 1
AMC FV - Denuncia issued against landowner Eli Rodri'guez - Sept 1
Several AMCs - They have killed a companero of ours who was participating in the process of autonomy - Aug 28
AMC RFM - The facts, all the facts - late Aug
AMC RFM - Paramilitaries from the Amaytik Ranch killed two companero authorities - Aug 26
AMC SM - Planned attack on Zapatista check point - Aug 26
Several AMC's - They killed our companero, Jose' Lo'pez Santiz, through treachery - Aug 19/20
AMC 17 Nov - Response to killing of Zapatista compa Jose' Lo'pez Santiz - Aug
AMC RFM - Violent incidents provoked by the paramilitaries from San Antonio Escobar - Aug
AMC RFM - Holding the governments responsible for the incidents of injustice and violence - Aug
Marcos - Account of the Events - July
AMC Olga Isabel - New road benefits rich, government & military - July
AMC RFM - Acts of provocation and homocide attempts - July
CH - Speaking from a place where we do not belong - June
Several AMC's - Military harassment which we are continuing to suffer - June
AMC Amador Herendez - Same strategy, new techniques? - June
AMC SP - We, as support bases, deserve these lands - June
La'zaro Cardenas - On repeated military-police incursions in La'zaro Cardenas - May
AMC SPP - Attack by presumed paramilitary against Polho woman - May
CH - Communique from released zapatista prisoners - May
AMC SM - On lies, lucre and land rights - May
AMC PdeE - The federal army has increased their patrols - May
AMC Che G - Bear witness to the incidents - May
AMC 1 de Enero - Land Conflict with ORCAO in Patria Nueva - April 4
AMC RFM - A shadow of death is being raised in the heart of our land, of our mother, of our selva
Morelia - Using the church bell to gather together and plan paramilitary actions - March 23
AMC RFM - Indigenous communities of Ricardo Flores Mago'n are not going to allow this expulsion - Feb 23
AMC RFM - Threathening operations performed by air or within the indigenous communities - Feb 5
AMC San Andres - Threats expressed by the PRI municipal government of these municipality - Dec 31
CH - Violations of the human rights of our imprisoned friends in Tabasco - Dec 20


AMC RFM - Public Security may be reentering Taniperla - Dec 4
AMC Francisco Gomex: - The companero Pedro died from the blow he received from the paramilitaries - Oct
Marcos - Shadows and light (the assassination of Digna Ochoa y Pla'cido) - Oct 01
AMC R.Barrios - House burning in Roberto Barrios - Oct 01
Several AMC's - Attack on mural by ORCAO - Oct 01
Community 10 Abril - La Florida threats against 10 de Abril - Oct 01
AMC SJL: We do not want soldiers passing through - Aug 13
Cerro Hueco prsioners: Zapatista political prisoners, will remain on our feet in struggle - Aug 1
Yajalon prisoners: We demand that the governor of Chiapas grant our immediate liberty - July 30
Cerro Hueco prisoners: 5 days without a taste of food - July 28
Cerro Hueco prisoners:Director of Cereso 1 destroyed the protest signs - July 24
Cerro Hueco prisoners: We started a hunger strike in protest of the government's lies - July 24
AMC Roberto Barrios:Attack on international observers - July 14
AMC Guadalupe el Tepeyac: We have decided to reconstruct our homes again - July
AMC El Trabajo: Offensive planned by the government to construct a golf course - June 27
AMC Ricardo Flores Mago'n - Increase of military actions in Ricardo Flores Mago'n - June 01
Gabriel Garci'a Ma'rquez interviews Subcomandante Marcos - June 2001
Marcos - Oxymoron! (The Intellectual Right and Liberal Fascism) - May 01
AMC Francisco Gomez: Cancel the permits for the sale of the wood - May 01
AMC Francisco Gomez: Tree felling will only benefit the company - May 01
AMC San Pedro de Michoaca'n: Salazar Mendiguchi'a and Fox using same strategies as Albores and Zedillo - May '01
CCRI - The constitutional reform in no way answers the demands of the Indian peoples of Mexico - Apr 29
Marcos - Constitutional Recognition of the Rights and Culture of Latifundists and Racists - April 29
Marcos - Words of the EZLN n the 17 de Noviembre Autonomous Municipality - April 2nd
Marcos reports back in Oventik - April 1st
Marcos - Words of the EZLN In Juchita'n - March 31
CCRI - The words of the comandante's in Juchita'n, Oaxaca - March 31
CCRI - Comandanta Esther in the Congress of the Union - March 28
CCRI - Comandante David in Congress of the Union- March 28
CCRI - Comandante Tacho in Congress of the Union - March 28
CCRI - Comandante Zebedeo in the Congress of the Union - March 28
Marcos - Our Word for Everyone - March 28
CCRI - EZLN guests for the Congress of the Union - March 26
Marcos - To National and International Civil Society - March 25
Marcos - The celebration of memory is also a celebration of tomorrow - Mar 24
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in front of San La'zaro Legislative Palace - Mar 22
CCRI - EZLN to accepts invitation to engage in dialogue in the Congress of the Union - Mar 22
CCRI - Words of the EZLN at City University, UNAM - Mar 2
CCRI - Response to Fox statement - Mar 21
CCRI - Words of the EZLN at the Autonomous Metropolitan University - Azcapotzalco - Mar 20
CCRI - Words of the EZLN at the Xochimilco Unit of the UNAM - Mar 20
CCRI - Words of the EZLN at the Iztapalapa Unit of the Autonomous Metropolitan University - Mar 20
CCRI - The EZLN has decided to end its stay in Mexico City - Mar 19
Delegation -To the Community of the National Autonomous University of Mexico - Mar 19
Marcos - To the Boys and Girls of the Isidro Favela Neighborhood - Mar 18
CCRI - Words of the EZLN at the National School of Anthropology and History - Mar 18
CCRI -Words of the EZLN at the National Polytechnic Institute (IPN) - Mar 16
Press Conference held by Subcomandante Insurgente Marco - March 13
Marcos - Paths of Dignity: Indigenous Rights, Memory and Cultural Heritage - March 12
CCRI -To the Residents of Mexico City - March 11
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in the Zo'calo of Mexico City - March 11
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Xochimilco, D.F. - March 10
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Milpa Alta, D.F - March 9
March 8 International Day of the Rebel Woman - March 8
Marcos - The Zapatistas route into Mexico City - March 7
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Cuautla, Morelos - March 7
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Iguala, Guerrero - March 7
CCRI - Words of the EZLN In Cuernavaca, Morelos - March 6
CCRI - Words of the EZLN In Tepoztla'n, Morelos - March 6
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in the Otomi' Ceremonial Center, State of Mexico - March 5
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Morelia, Michoaca'n - March 5
CCRI- Words of the EZLN in Toluca, State of Mexico - March
CCRI - Words of the EZLN to the Indigenous National Congress - March
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Nurio, Michoaca'n - March
CCRI - An automobile accident enroute from El Tephe - March
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Puebla, Puebla - Feb
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Tehuaca (Tehuaca'n), Puebla - Feb
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Oaxaca, Oaxaca - Feb
CCRI - To the Political-Military Revolutionary Organizations in Mexico - Feb
CCRI - No threat will make us desist from our objective - Feb
CCRI - Words of the EZLN in Juchita'n, Oaxaca - Feb
Marcos - The Devils of the New Century - Feb
Marcos- FAQ on EZLN march to Mexico City - Feb
CCRI - Federal legislators we invite you to accompany this march - Feb
CCRI - Press conference for February 22 - Feb
CCRI - We welcome the resolution by the Permanent Committee of the Congress of the Union - Feb
Marcos - Recipients of the World, Unite -Feb
CCRI - Senor Fox is trying to leave the door open for those who have threatened our delegates - Feb
Marcos - To the community of the National School of Anthropology and History - Feb
Marcos - Brothers and sisters of Milpa Alta - Feb
CCRI - Yanez the architect will be accompanying the zapatista delegation - Feb
CCRI - Words of the EZLN February 24, 2001 in San Cristo'bal de Las Casas, Chiapas - Feb
David - Seventh Anniversary of the Zapatista Uprising - Jan 1
Marcos - The rains are scratching about - Jan 1
Marcos - The Zapatista Information Center -Jan 1
Marcos - 7 years from what we call "the other uprising." - Jan 1
Marcos - We wish to invite a delegation from the National Indigenous Congress - Jan 1
Marcos - We might drop in at Cancun - Jan 7
CCRI - First information about its delegation's trip to the Federal District - Jan 7
Marcos- Zapatista support bases holding demonstration in San Cristo'bal de Las Casas - Jan 10
CCRI - Today we zapatistas are demonstrating in this city of San Cristo'bal de Las Casas - Jan 12
Marcos - EZLN has offered to mediate between Fox and the Cocopa - Jan 12
Marcos - We ask the P'urhepecha brothers to allow us to come to their community - Jan 12
Marocs - How are we going to eat with our ski-masks on? - Jan 12
CH - Cerro Hueco prisoners support the 3 demands - Jan 12
Marcos -While they discuss ski-masks or no ski-masks - Jan 24
Marcos - To the community of Tephe - Jan 24
CCRI - The detailed route and the scheduled dates of EZLN trip to DF - Jan 24
Marcos - To the Cybernauts - Jan 27 2000
Marcos - Withdrawing with a great public show - Dec 22
CCRI - Federal Army withdrew from Amador Herna'ndez - Dec 22
Marcos - We are worried, as is everyone, about Popocate'ptl - Dec 20th
CCRI - 3 years since the Acteal killings - Dec 20th
CCRI - Paramilitary action in Santa Fe El Duraznal - Dec 20th
Marcos - 2 years without vocho, TV's or little shops - Dec 8th
Marcos - The Xi'Nich and Las Abejas marchers who reached Mexico City - Dec 8th
CCRI - Don Amado Avendano has acquitted himself well - Dec 8th
CCRI- Zapatista delegation will travel to Mexico City in the month of February - Dec '00
CCRI - Senor Luis H. Alvarez will be granted the role of "valid interlocutor." - Dec '00
CCRI - EZLN conditions to Fox for resuming the dialogue - Dec '00
CCRI- Letter to Senor Vicente Fox - Dec '00
CH - We are asking for your understanding and support - Nov 28
CH - A lie in order to attempt to destabilize our organization - Nov '23
Marcos - Zedillo's last moments! /The political class - Nov '00
Marcos - To Senor Ernesto Zedillo Ponce de Leon - Nov '00
CCRI - EZLN will publicly state its position regarding the new federal government - Nov '00
AMC Francisco Go'mez - Paramilitaries have again cut the wire fences - Nov '00
AMC Ernesto Che Guevara - Denounces military helicopter overflights - Nov 00
AMC Polho - The land belongs to the zapatista companeros - Oct 3
CH - Still no justice for Voice of Cerro Hueco - Oct '00
CH- We support the doctors, nurses and other workers in the health sector - Oct '00
Union progresso - We do not know who the murderer is - Oct '00
AMC Francisco Go'mez - We do not want a confrontation with our own brothers - Sept '00
CH - The political prisoners of The Voice of Cerro Hueco, are being held kidnapped - Aug '00
Marcos - Why do we all agree the global market is inevitable? - Aug '00
Yajalon - Assuming Our Own Defense - Aug '00
San Manuel New Town - Leave our lands, let us live in peace - Aug '00
Union Progreso - Residents beaten, detained - July '00
CH - We are going to suspend the consumption of honey - July '00
CH - Comitan political prisoners on hunger strike ask for support - July '00
CH - We declare ourselves to be on an indefinite hunger strike - July '00
CH - Cerro Hueco hunger strikers to Cocopa - July '00
CH - We have not received any response from the government - July '00
AMC San Andres - Naming names of PRIista terrorists in San Andres - July '00
FZLN - 10 Theses Concerning the PRI Defeat - July '00
Diez de Abril - Army terrorizing 10 de Abril - June '00
Emiliano Zapata Community - Army raids zapatista school 'looking for marijuana' - June '00
FZLN: 10 Theses Concerning the PRI Defeat - June 2000
FZLN: Presentation to the Encuentro against the War and Repression and for Democracy - June 2000
FZLN: Natural Resources and Strategic Interests Against the San Andre's Accords - June 2000
AMC 17Nov - Our request for aid for 5 families - June '00
AMC Ricardo Flores Mago'n - The suffering of our peoples because of the silent war - June '00
AMC Miguel Hidalgo - Requesting financial or material aid for constructing auditorium - June '00
CCRI - Regarding the incident which took place in the municipality of El Bosque - June '00
Marcos - The alone-and-abandoned poll - June '00
CCRI - EZLN communique regarding elections - June '00
CCRI - Oscar Cha'vez to perform in rebel territory - June '00
CCRI- To the national Civil Society Encuentro For Peace and Against Militarization in Mexico - June '00
FZLN - We Shall Impose Peace With Justice and Dignity in Chiapas - May '00
FZLN - Search and seizure on the road to La Realidad - May '00
CH - When one companero goes free, they put five more in - May '00
AMC Polho - We deny all the accusations of May 7 ambush - May '00
CCRI - Attempts by the government to use the war for electoral purposes. - May '00
AMC Polho - The slander against companero Mariano Jime'nez Jime'nez - May '004
AMC Polho - Paramilitaries /police incursion into Yibeljoj - May '00
AMC Ricardo Flores Mago'n - We are continuing to raise our voices - Apr '00
AMC Ricardo Flores Mago'n - We have responded with the dignity and resistance of our peoples - Apr '00
Marcos - To the relatives of the politically disappeared - Apr '00
AMC Ricardo Flores Mago'n - This Autonomous Municipality continues existing and working - Mar '00
AMC Ricardo Flores Mago'n - We are not going to permit relocation - Mar '00
AMC Tierra y Libertad - Three companeros disappeared or kidnaped - Mar '00
AMC Tierra y Libertad - Moscamed is low intensity chemical war - Mar '00
AMC Tierra y Libertad - Spraying with highly toxic chemical products - Mar '00
AMC San Pedro de Michoaca'n - The Official CIOAC leaders are dictators - Mar '00
General Assembly of Women of Nicolas Ruiz - Paramilitary attack - March '00
Responsables of Nuevo Poblado de Nachejev - Chinchulines attack residents - March '00
Marcos -To the women soldiers in the EZLN - March '00
Marcos - On Windows and Reality - March '00
Marcos - A university filled with soldiers and a jail filled with students - Feb '00
Marcos - Every time Zedillo comes to Chiapas - Feb '00
Marcos - Chocolates yes, injections no! - Feb '00
CCRI - The rector's plebiscite - an excuse for repression - Feb
CCRI - Protest over the paramilitary occupation of the UNAM - Feb
AMC Che Guevara - Road conflict in Che Guevara municipality - Feb
Marcos - The persecution of students is already government policy - Feb
CCRI - We condemn attack on Luis Villareal students - Feb
Marcos: One day things will go straight - Feb '00
Assem, NR - The company fails to respect the assembly - Jan
AMC Polho - Assassination attempts and the coffee harvest - Jan


Marcos: I.- Between the Satellite and the Microscope - Nov '99
Marcos: II. - The Machinery of Ethnocide - Nov '99
AMC 1st Jan: The road blockade is continuing today - Nov '99
AMC Polho: Paramilitaries and Land Seizures in Chenalho - Nov '99
Autonomous Town of Amparo Agua Tinta : Disrobing More Fake Zapatista Deserter - Nov '99
AMC San Manuel: Roofs Destroyed by Army Helicopters - Nov '99
AMC Magdalena de la Paz: PRI's are Destroying Buildings - Nov '99
AMC Francisco Gomez : More army overflights - Nov '99
Marcos: The Star of Morning - Oct '99
Marcos to Leonard Peltier - Oct '99
Marcos: Of light, flower and dawn - Nov '99
Marcos: The hour of the little ones, I - Oct '99
Marcos: The hour of the little ones, II - Oct '99
Marcos: The hour of the little ones, III - Oct '99
Marcos: The hour of the little ones, IV - Oct '99
Marcos: The hour of the little ones, X - Oct '99
FZLN: On the Assassination of Cosme Damian Sastre Sanchez - Oct '99
AMC RF Magon: Paramilitaries shoot family - Oct '99
AMC San Manuel: Extremely low overflights above the communities - Oct '99
AMC Polho: Paramilitaries continue to cause problems - Oct '99
Marcos: To the Underground Culture to the Culture of Resistance - Oct '99
AMC RF Magon: We do not want them on our autonomous lands - Sept '99
R. Barrios: New movements by paramilitaries - Sept '99
Marcos: The "suicide" is no such thing - Sept '99
Peace and Justice paramilitary group fired on the displaced companeros - Sept '99
Marcos: On the UNAM strikers visit - Sept '99
Marcos: Fifteen Years Ago - Sept '99
Marcos: Duality and Remembrance - Sept '99
AMC F. Gomez: They are Government people - Sept '99
FZLN: We Mexican zapatistas will be coming to Belem - Sept '99
Marcos: The Parrot and the Macaw - Aug '99
FZLN: Winds of War and Repression - Aug '99
Support bases: We, the zapatista indigenous, are here, and here we will continue - Aug '99
AMC F. Gomez: The provocation of War by the Federal Army - Aug '99
CCRI: Federal Army troops attacked San Jose la Esperanza - Aug '99
CCRI: Imminent Attack on La Realidad - Aug '99
CCRI: The suspension of the Amador Hernandez road - Aug '99
Marcos: The example of dignity and courage of the Amador Valley - Aug '99
AMC San Manuel :The bridges are for the paramilitaries - Aug '99
Marcos: On Memory and Reality - Aug '99
Marcos: Teachers are a mirror and window - Aug '99
Marcos: The Democratic Teachers and the Zapatista Dream - July '99
Marcos: On looking and welcoming the teachers to La Realidad - July '99
Marcos:We cannot have any confidence at all in the UN - July '99
FZLN/EZLN: Call to the First "Democratic Teachers and Zapatista Dream" Encuentro - July '99
AMC RF Magon: Illegal Detentions, Threats and More Soldiers - July '99
AMC T & L: Threats to Burn Down Houses of El Portal Families - July '99
AMC SJ de Libertad: We do not need crumbs from the government - July '99
CCRI: 2nd American Encuentro for Humanity and against Neoliberalism - June '99
Marcos: We do indeed support the UNAM strike movement - June '99
Marcos: Lesbian, Gay, Transsexual and Bisexual Pride - June '99
Marcos:"No!" to the war in the Balkans - June '99
CH Prisoner: Tierra y Libertad, One Year Later - June '99
AMC Selva: Albores Building Highways in the Selva For Army - June '99
AMC RF Magon: The repression unleashed against our rebel communities - June '99
Marcos: History is Not For Sale - June '99
AMC FG: -Police incursion in Suchila - June '99
AMC San Manuel: Army harassment of San Manuel - June '99
CH Prisoners: We, as prisoners, do not intend to sell our dignity - May '99
Marcos: The Zapatistas and Newton's Apple - May '99
Marcos: The dawn is heralding heat and flushes - May '99
Marcos: On 'Zapatista' deserters - May '99
CCRI: The Second Encuentro Between Civil Society and the EZLN - May '99
AMC SJdeL - Deny preparations for the take-over of the municipal president's building - Apr '99
AMC Polho - The army enters the camp at Polho - Apr '99
AMC Los Altos - Protest San Andres attack _ Apr '99
CCRI: The police assault on San Andres Sakamch'en de los Pobres - April '99
Marcos: To Mumia Abu Jamal - Apr '99
Marcos: Demand justice in the case of Mister Mumia Abu-Jamal - Apr '99
CCRI: Defend the possibility of dialogue, defend San Andres - April '99
Marcos:The consulta, the victories and the questions of the moment - April '99
CCRI: 80 years since the death of General Emiliano Zapata - April '99
Marcos: We want to go with everyone - March '99
Marcos: About the Zapatista delegates - March '99
CCRI: 32 states in the Federation are now being covered - March '99
Marcos: Some late notes for the consulta - March '99
Marcos: People in the most unexpected places are participating - March '99
CCRI: Our delegates will not meet with the federal government - March '99
CCRI: We accept your invitation with much pleasure - March '99
Marcos: We ask that you provide economic help - March '99
CCRI: The delegates have begun to gather - March '99
CCRI: Beware - false bank account - March '99
Marcos: The little tree and the others - Feb '99
Marcos: To musicians all over the world - Feb '99
CCRI: Arturo Rosenblueth Foundation to participate in Consulta - Feb '99
Marcos: The International Consulta - Feb '99
Marcos: The territorial organisation of the consultation - Feb '99
Marcos: Who is working to promote the consulta? - Feb '99
CCRI: No to the privatisation of the Electrical industry! - Feb '99
FZLN: The Consultation is Happening! - Feb '99
Marcos: Are the Zapatista indigenous communities worse off? - Jan '99
Marcos: January has been a month of sorrows - Jan '99
CCRI: We Zapatistas are not drug traffickers - Jan '99
CCRI: Zapatistas support the imprisoned teachers - Jan '99
Marcos: The Popes visit and political statements - Jan '99
CCRI: Call by the EZLN for international consultation - Jan '99
CCRI: Fifth anniversary of the uprising of the Zapatista troops - Jan '99


Marcos: History of the one and the all - Dec '98
CCRI: Consultation for the Recognition of the Rights of the Indian Peoples - Dec '98
CCRI: Deplorable incidents in the community of Los Platanos - Dec '98
Marcos: Some words to clarify things - Nov '98
CCRI: Of bombs, firefighters and light bulbs - Nov '98
CCRI: Regarding the consultation on the recognition of the rights of the Indian peoples - Nov '98
CCRI: COCOPA did not keep their word - Nov '98
CCRI: To the closing of the Civil Society-EZLN Encuentro - Nov '98
CCRI: Our disagreement with the COCOPA - Nov '98
Zapatista delegation to table 2 of the meeting with Civil Society - Nov '98
CCRI: Communique to the meeting with Civil Society - Nov '98
FZLN: Concerning Mumia Abu-Jamal's sentence - Nov '98
Marcos: The Day of the Dead - Nov '98
CCRI: We will meet you in San Cristobal - Nov '98
CCRI: Arrangements for meeting Cocopa - Nov '98
AMC Polho : Military harassment of Polho - Oct '98
CCRI: Troops stage mock attack on La Realidad - Oct '98
CCRI: The military has increased its pressure, harassment and threats - Oct '98
CCRI: Reopening contacts with the Commission of Concordance and Peace - Oct '98
CCRI: Gathering to be held on the national consulta - Oct '98
Marcos: I will deal with you later - Oct '98
Marcos: These bridges which are little unarmed paper boats - Oct '98
Marcos: It continues raining here - Sept '98
Marcos: The invitation for a dialogue between the EZLN and civil society - Sept '98
CCRI: The catastrophe caused by the rains of recent days - Sept '98
Marcos: The state government is stealing the humanitarian aid - Sept '98
Marcos: The Always' and the Nevers' imposed by those from above - Sept '98 
Marcos: The history of the measure of memory - Aug '98
Marcos: Some reflections on the FOBAPROA - Aug 98
CCRI: Fifth declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - July '98
Marcos breaks the silence - July '98
Marcos: Above and below: masks and silences - July '98
AMC: Attack against San Juan de la Libertad (El Bosque) - June '98
AMC: Attacks on "Ricardo Flores Magon" and "Tierra y Libertad" - May '98
AMC: Denunciations from the Women - May '98
FZLN: Warning of possible attack on Polho - May '98
Autonomous Municipality of Tierra y Libertad on police raid - May '98
Autonomous Municipality of Ricardo Magnon on army raid and occupation - May '98
Diez de Abril Community on the army raid - April '98
Marcos: The table at San Andrés - March '88
Marcos: Three tables for the end of the century dinner - March '98
Marcos: An inverted periscope (or memory, a buried key) - Feb '98


CCRI: The situation of the displaced from Chenalho is a matter of life or death - Dec '97
Marcos: On Acteal to civil society - Dec '97
CCRI : Details of the Acteal massacre - Dec '97
Marcos: Reasons for the Government Failure to Honor its Commitments - Nov '97
Marcos: The Tale of the Little Newspaper Vendor - Sept '97
CCRI: March with the Zapatistas to the city of Mexico - Sept '97
CCRI: To the people of the city of Mexico - Sep '97
EZLN: The Ocean no longer seperates us - Sep '97
CCRI: The loyal and honest struggle of the indigenous peoples of Mexico - Sep '97
CCRI: To the FZLN founding conference - Sep '97
FZLN: Summons to the Founding Convention of the FZLN - Aug '97
CCRI: Communique in response to actions by the FAC-MLN - Aug '97
EZLN: Closing of 2nd Intercontinental Gathering for Humanity and against Neoliberalism - Aug '97
Marcos: Beads and accounts of numbers - Aug '97
CCRI: The march to the city of Mexico - Aug '97
EZLN: We want to thank you for the great effort of hope and harmony in our hearts - Aug '97
CCRI: Sounds of Silence..on the political party system and the July 97 elections - July '97
Marcos: The Seven Loose Pieces of the Global Jigsaw Puzzle - July 97
EZLN: On the struggle of Zapatista women - July '97
EZLN:The story of the resistance of Guadalupe Tepeyac - July '97
CCRI: To the Second Intercontinental Encuentro for Humanity and Against Neoliberalism - July '97
Marcos: To the men and women, children and elderly people of the 5 continents- July '97
CCRI: Testing...EZLN on the rain and the death of Fidel Velazques - June '97
Marcos: On the Tupac Amaru and to Fidel Velazquez - April '97
Marcos: Letter to " Commander in Chief Zapata" - April '97
Marcos: Letter to Indigenous Leadership in U.S. - March '97
Marcos: To the solidarity committees of the Zapatista struggle in all the world - March '97
Marcos: Peace Moves Away from Chiapas; What is the Cocopa Doing to Stop it? - March '97
Ramona: To the students of University City - March '97
Marcos: The story of the noise and the silence - Feb '97
CCRI: One year after San Andres - Feb'97
FZLN: The governments counter-proposal - Feb '97
CCRI: A document from the government - Jan '97
CCRI: Response to government proposal on San Andres reforms - Jan '97
CCRI: Why we reject the government proposal on San Andres reforms - Jan '97
CCRI: Fourth year of war - Jan '97
Marcos: Seven questions to whom it may concern - Jan '97


Marcos: It has been two years... - Dec '96
Marcos: Urgent telegram to Civil Society - Dec '96
Marcos: Return to the mountains - Dec '96
FZLN: Demand that the Mexican Government fulfill the agreements - Dec '96
FZLN: The Government is trying to avoid implementing San Andres - Dec '96
Marcos: The sea shell of the end and the beginning - Oct '98
CCRI: To Cerro Hueco prisoners - Oct '98
CCRI: Closing words at EZLN - Cocopa - Conai meeting - Oct '96
Marcos: Serious dialogue or none at all - Sept '96
Marcos: The government delegates at the peace talks - Sept. '96
Marcos: Neither power or peace at any price but rather peace with justice - Sept '96
FZLN: For a true national dialogue with the Zapatistas in Mexico City! - Sept '96
Advisors: On the breakdown of the talks - Sept' 96
CCRI: We are ready to fight in the mountains - Sept '96
CCRI: The Mexican army is planning to assassinate senior Zapatistas with US aid - Sept '96
Marcos: To the soldiers and commanders of the Popular Revolutionary Army - Aug' 96
CCRI: Evaluation of the current crisis and the reason for breaking off talks - August '96
Marcos: What makes us different is our political proposal - Aug. '96
Marcos: Our people cannot continue in this dialogue - Aug '96
CCRI: 2nd Declaration of La Realidad - Aug '96
Marcos: Communication in 7 voices 7 - July '96
CCRI: Opening speech of the first encounter - July '96
CCRI: A campaign of persecution against the members of the FZLN exists - May '96
Marcos: The unjust sentence of Elorriaga and Entzin - May '96
Various: Support letter for Leonard Peltier - April '96
Marcos: Opening speech to American encounter - April '96
Marcos: Special commission to promote FZLN - March '96
EZLN: The dialogue must continue - March '96
CCRI: Communique on International Women's Day - March '96
Marcos: 12 Women in the Twelfth Year - March '96
CCRI: A war against the people is not the peace we seek - March '96
CCRI: The EZLN accepts agreements regarding indigenous rights and culture - Feb '96
Advisors: The Dialogue of San Andres and the Rights of Indigenous Culture - Feb '96
Marcos: Closing Speech to the National Indigenous Forum - Jan '96
Marcos: Speech at Indigenous Forum - Jan '96
CCRI: They haggled with us on fundamental issues - Jan '96
CCRI: To those attending the Indigenous National Forum - Jan '96
CCRI: First Declaration of La Realidad for Humanity and against Neoliberalism - Jan '96
Marcos: To those attending the 5th European Gathering of Solidarity - Jan '96
CCRI: Remarks from the second anniversary celebration of the Zapatista uprising - Jan '96


CCRI: Demands judgement on Salinas - Dec '95
CCRI: Twelve years since the birth of the EZLN - Nov '95
Marcos: Like here in Chiapa? - Nov '95
CCRI: EZLN announces that it will pursue the aggressors of Cecilia Rodriguez - Nov '95
Marcos: What Price is Dignity? - Nov' 95
Marcos: Of Trees, Criminals, and Odontology - Nov '95
Marcos: The Story of the Cold Foot and the Hot Foot - Oct '95
CCRI: The release of Fernando Yanez Munoz - Oct '95
CCRI: 503 years later, the persecution continues - Oct '95
Marcos: Today ends the National Plebiscite for Peace and Democracy - Sept '95
Marcos: letter to the people of the U.S - Sept '95
Marcos: The History of the Little Mouse and the Cat - Aug '95
Marcos: Greeting to the Brescia solidarity conference - Aug '95
CCRI: The plebiscite is a form of dialogue - Aug '95
CCRI: Participation in the National Plebiscite of 6 questions - Aug '95
Marcos: To the workers of Ruta 100 - Aug '95
CCRI: Government's lies about proposal for Ocosingo-San Quintin corridor -July '95
Marcos: Durito: Neoliberalism the chaotic theory of economic chaos - July '95
CCRI: The murders in Guerrero at Aguas Blancas - July '95
CCRI: Alert regarding false Zapatistas - July '95
Marcos: To National Civic Alliance on great national consultation - July '95
Marcos: The tale of Durito's return - June '95
CCRI: The only choice is democracy or authoritarianism - June '95
Marcos: Dignity cannot be studied, you live it or it dies - June '95
Marcos: Mexico: The moon between the mirrors of the night and the crystal of the day - June '95
Marcos: Power as a mirror and an image - June '95
Marcos: Durito IV: Neoliberalism and the Party-State System - June '95
CCRI: The document could not be accepted or rejected - June '95
CCRI: A national and international consultation which will give direction to all - June '95
Marcos: Marcos invites the government's delegates to a community consultation - May '95
CCRI: To the Second National Indigenous Assembly - May '95
Marcos: The group of traitors who "dialogue" with Dante Delgado - May '95
Marcos: A history about herons and eagles in the Lacandon jungle - May '95
Marcos: Why Marcos is not at the dialogue - May '95
CCRI: Unanimous rejection by the EZLN of the proposal made by the government - May '95
Talks delegates: The EZLN asks the indigenous to go back to their home communities - Apr '95
Marcos: Durito III (Neo-liberalism and the labor movement..) - Apr '95
CCRI: Emiliano died, but not his struggle nor his thinking - Apr '95
CCRI: An unequivocable signal of willingness to continue the road of dialogue - Apr '95
Marcos: We are again taking the initiative in accepting this beginning to dialogue - Apr '95
Marcos: That reason win always and never force - Mar '95
CCRI: Points for Negotiation of the Agreement of Reconciliation and Pacification - Mar '95
Marcos: Zapatistas Guadalupanos and the Virgin of Guadalupe - Mar '95
Marcos: A year of the Zapatista government - Mar '95
Marcos: Far inside of the Cave of Desire - Mar '95
CCRI: We are named. Now we will not die - Mar '95
Marcos: Welcome to the Ecuador - Peru border - Mar '95
CCRI: A starting point for a just solution - Mar '95
CCRI: Continue looking for mechanisms which renew the dialogue - Mar '95
CCRI: No one has abandoned our lines - Feb '95
CCRI: The Army destroys civilian towns - Feb '95
CCRI: Don't stop the mobilizations for peace - Feb '95
Marcos: Death has visited us dressed in olive green - Feb '95
Marcos: The retreat is making us almost scratch at the sky - Feb '95
CCRI: Neither Samuel Ruiz Garcia nor Jorge Santiago have ties to the EZLN - Feb 95
Prisoners: Letter from Zapatista prisoners - Feb '95
CCRI: From civic society we expect the opportunity to speak - Feb '95
CCRI: To finish Zapatismo you will have to kill thousands - Feb '95
CCRI: Details of government attacks - Feb '95
CCRI: Oil, the basis for the government's current decision - Feb' 95
Marcos: The Zapatistas hike up the price of the Indigenous Mexican blood - Feb '95
Marcos: We distrust your true intentions in looking for a dialogue - Feb '95
CCRI: Message to the National Democratic Convention from the EZLN - Jan 95
Marcos: The library of Aguascalientes - Jan '95
CCRI: EZLN Establishes Cease fire - Jan '95
CCRI: The Third Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - Jan '95


CCRI: Suspend military operations - Dec '94
CCRI: EZLN recognises the National Commission of Intermediation (CONAI) - Dec '94
Marcos: We know What We're Doing; It is Worth It - Dec '94
Marcos: to Ernesto Zedillo, President of Mexico - Dec '94
CCRI: The army is preparing for war - Oct' 94
Marcos: There will be a storm - Oct' 94
Marcos: The long journey from despair to hope - Sept '94
Marcos: To National Democratic Convention (CND) - August '94

The period from the rising to the second declaration (June 1994) is covered in far more detail in !Zapatistas! Documents of the New Mexican Revolution, many of the documents below were taken from this source

CCRI: Second Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle - June '94
CCRI: PROCUP and PT claims of links to the EZLN - June '94
CCRI: How the consultations with the communities were done - June '94
CCRI: Results of the 1994 dialogue consultations - June '94
CCRI: The rejection of the 'Dialogue for Peace and Reconciliation in Chiapas' - June '94
CCRI: To the Workers of the Republic - May 1st '94
CCRI: Emiliano Zapata will not die by Decree - April '94
CCRI: Demands submitted during the Feb. '94 dialogue - March '94
CCRI : The Third Day of the dialogue - Feb 94
CCRI: On the Opening of the Dialogue - Feb '94
CCRI : We want all who walk with the truth to unite in one step - Jan '94
CCRI : Responses to Government Lies - Jan 94
Editorial - El Despertador Mexicano - Jan '94
Marcos : The Southeast in Two Winds: A Storm and a Prophecy - 1992

Zapatista anthem

There are also many communique in Spanish, English and German in the Ya Basta collection