Kerrie Vartanian
Grade Level: Second and Third grades
Time Frame: 60 minutes

A dance lesson featuring a group performance emphasizing rhythm and beat.

Artistic Perception: Students will be able to demonstrate the concepts of time through movement, beat, and rhythm.

Rationale: Dance offers self-discovery, kinesthetic, spatial, sequencing movement and creative acts. Performing the Ghostbuster dance fosters students' abilities to count the beats, move to the beat and spatial concepts, thereby encouraging creative movement and movement communication skills.

Strategy: A combination of direct instruction and guided discovery will be used.

Beat - to mark time or rhythm by tapping.
Rhythm - movement or flow to the beat of music.
Dance - movement put into rhythmic form. You move to the beat of the music.

Introduction: What does dance mean to you? Today we are going to do a dance called Ghostbusters. Does anyone know what Ghostbusters is? The students will listen to the music while the teacher demonstrates the dance with the cues. Then the students will get into three horizontal rows to learn the dance.

Activity Sequence:
1. get into three horizontal rows and face the front.

2. Begin with bending knees and doing a little bounce while snapping fingers to the beat of introduction - 30 snaps.

3. Walk forward for 4 counts with arms out in front of you like a monster, R,L,R,L. Walk backward for 4 counts with hands on your head like a wolf, R,L,R,L.

4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 for more practice.

5. Walk forward for 4 counts as if you were screaming silently, R,L,R,L. Have your hands cupped around your mouth when silent screaming. Walk backward for 4 counts doing silent scream again, R,L,R,L.

6. Now spread feet out slightly and put hand to forehead and look to the right for 2 counts. Look to the left for 2 counts, back to the right 2 counts, and then to the left for 2 counts.

7. Do the whole dance up to this point.

8. Stand with feet together. Take the right foot and bring it forward with heel up to touch the ground for 2 counts. Bring foot back with toes touching ground for 2 counts. Bring forward for 1 count and then back for 1 count. Bring foot to the side for 1 count and then turn 90 degrees to the right, so now you are facing your right and do the dance all over again. The dance will be finished once you have made a complete circle.

9. Let's do the whole dance with music and cueing.

Closure: Everyone sit down where you are. What was your favorite part of the dance? Was the dance anything you have done before? What kind of monster would you be next time? What part of the dance was difficult for you? Today we learned about beat and rhythm. Can you dance without beat and rhythm? Who remembers the definition for rhythm? How did we keep the beat in the dance? Remember that beat marks time by tapping and rhythm is the flow to the beat of music.

Clean-Up: Grab the tape and tape recorder. There really isn't any clean up for the Ghostbuster lesson. If you are in a classroom and have moved some furniture then move it back.

Evaluation: The students will be evaluated by their verbal comments about the dance steps. They will also be evaluated on their performance of the dance. The teacher will observe their movements while they perform the dance.

Materials: Tape recorder and the Ghostbuster music.

Reference: Barnes, Carolyn. (1995) Ghostbusters. CSUN, KIN 314.