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Open iPad Studio II

NAEA National Convention   New York City, 2012


iPad Art and Art Related Apps

Animation Creator HD   $1.99

ArtRage   $6.99

ArtStudio for iPad   $2.99

Brushes - iPad Edition $7.99

Calligraphy Art  $2.99

Chalkboard Pro  99 cents

Colored Pencils  $3.99

Drawing Box  $2.99

DrawCast   Free

Drawing Pad  $1.99

Fun Drawing!  Free

Inspire Pro   $7.99

SketchBook Pro for iPad  $4.99

TypeDrawing   $2.99


MoMA Books    Free


PS Express    Free

FX Photo Studio HD   $1.99

Paper Camera    99 cents


Mobile Monet HD   $1.99

Adobe Ideas    $5.99

John Baldessari: In Still Life 2001-2010   Free

Inkpad    $7.99

Uzu    $1.99


ComicLife    $4.99

PhotoComic for iPad   $1.99

CardShop    $1.99

PocketBooth HD    99 cents



Penultimate   99 cents

Noteshelf    $4.99

Evernote   Free

Notes Plus    $7.99

Bamboo Paper   Free




Dropbox    Free

Square   Free (2.75% per swipe)

LightPadHD   $1.99

PreziViewer   Free

ReplayNote   $4.99  Version for kids—ReplayNote4Kid  $4.99

Educreations Interactive Whiteboard     Free


Recommended Stylus

Boxwave Capactive iPad Stylus (Amazon Price: $ 8.00)

Boxwave Slimline Capactive iPad 2 Stylus  (Amazon Price: $10.00)


Recommended Cleaning Cloth

Alpine Innovations Microfiber 18% Gray Cloth in Black Pouch 10x10

(Amazon Price: $10.29)




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