Harijan Girls
These little girls are members of the lowest caste in the heirarchy.  They are a part of what used to be known as the untouchables.  They were called untouchables because people belived that they were so dirty that they were not fit to be touched by other people in higher castes.  Their jobs involve doing most of the cleaning, or what we might call "dirty work."  The name for them later changed from untouchables to Harijans, which means gods children.  Recently this caste would rather be reffered to as Dalit, which means oppressed.  In this particular picture the girls are making dung patties.  The dung from cows are taken and made into patties and set out to dry (as you can see the rows of them), these patties are then used to be burned as fuel or for heat.  Though it is the Harijans that have the task of making the patties, many other people from other castes benefit from them.