Emperor of Manchuko

  In 1931 the Japanese army invaded Manchuria.The Japanese set up a new country in Manchuria called Manchukuo. They made Pu Yi the Chief Executive, which angered him. "I was also angry with Japanese for deceiving me." ( Pu Yi, 246) His biography is record of attempt after attempt to regain the throne, and of efforts by various Chinese factions and foreign powers to utilize him to seize control of China of Manchuria.(Brackman, 1975)
    During World War II, Japanese developed Manchukuo as a millitary industrial base. At the end of the war, Soviet forces invaded Manchuria. Again, Pu Yi fled his place. Pu Yi and his attendants were not taken to Japan. They were flown to the USSR and kept under house arrest.

                                                                                       Going to take office as the "Chief Excective of Manchukuo" on March 9, 1932
                                                                   Source: Ching Hsuan-t'ung 1965