The Last Emperor
by Yasumi Matsumoto

    To say really briefly, I am interested in "the person." I am not sure whether I can refer him as a "person" or not, but he is Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. The reason why I am interested in him is that I saw the fascinating movie, "The Last Emperor." This movie is not only entertainment at all, but it comprehends various things, such as historical events, fashion, custom, music, furniture, styles of architecture, manners, and one story of one person. I have come to be curious about his life itself after seeing the movie.

    When I see his life, historical events will follow it. That is, his life was like an echo of historical events. He  had been the emperor since he was a three-year-old child. I was curious about what his life was like, what happened to him, thinking that his life was beyond my imagination.

    "A man kidnapped by history" (Behr 1987). This phrase which I think expresses his life exactly has lingered in my mind.

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