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5 March 2001 [1]

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1. Significance:

(a) Born in 1942, with a Ph.D. in Anthropology from the University of Oregon in 1972, I have been a member of the faculty at California State University, Chico, since August 1973. I am in my final years at CSU, Chico (although, following Harlen Adams [1904-1997], my goal is 93 years of life before death takes me away). Cessation of breathing aside, ceteris paribus, I anticipate that I will not teach full-time after my 30th year at this institution (after the 2002-2003AY). Should FERP (Faculty Early Retirement Program) be in effect, I shall avail myself of FERP and if FERP is no longer an option, I may-or-may-not retire in 2003 (depending on circumstances that year). Be that as it may, I am coming to an end of my career at this institution.

(b) The award of full release time in spring 2002 to work on a book-length manuscript entitled The Gift Of Charles Darwin: An Individual For All Times will allow me to (#1) pull together several hundred-thousand words that I have written over the past years (#2) based on notes that I have gathered over the past decades which resulted from (#3) from several trips around the world to gather information in order to (#4) understand Charles R. Darwin (as well as events that surrounded him and which came before him and developed after him). I have read Darwin and have read extensively about him; I have twice visited his home in England (1991 and 1999) and have made a voyage to the islands he made famous from his 1831-1836 voyage around the globe: I visited the Galápagos Islands in July 2000. I have lectured about Darwin, have portrayed him in a video, and I know the man. Darwin was born February 12, 1809 and he died on April 19, 1882 and his ideas create controversies to this date. I have a goal to be involved in world-wide activities in 2009: the bicentennial of Darwin's birth and the of sesquicentennial of his publication of On The Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection or the Preservation of Favoured Races in the Struggle for Life. Should I receive this award and a book results from it, any contract for advances or royalties for the book shall be assigned (for a period of five-years from date of contract) as follows: 20% to Urbanowicz; 20% to the Department of Anthropology; 20% to the College of Behavioral and Social Sciences; 20% to the unit designated IMC/CELT; and 20% to California State University, Chico (to be determined by the Office of Sponsored Programs). I have received modest assistance in the past (.20 release time CELT grant as well as IMC assistance) to work on the Darwin video and should I be successful, I wish to share any benefits.

(c) Over the years I have shared my "Darwin expertise" (on campus) with students (and colleagues) as well as the general public and professional audiences. The goal of this proposal is to sit down and add new information to existing words and weave them together into a complete book. Please see my video portrayal of Darwin, available on the web, as well some of the 1000s of words that I have written about Darwin.

#1. [February 28, 2001, 7th grade presentation in Corning, California].

#2. [February 25, 2001, Enterprise-Record article].

#3. [February 8, 2001, CSU, Chico classroom presentation].

#4. [October 6, 2000, American Association of University Women Presentation]

#5. [November 15, 2000, American Anthropological Association Meeting presentation]. Most comprehensive listing of my web pages to that date, including the following:

#6. [1999 video available with REALPLAYER].

#7. [1997 video available with REALPLAYER].

At one may examine the ~98 web sites around the world (from the British Broadcasting Company, to Siskiyou County Schools, as well as various publishers, libraries, and "Advanced Placement" Biology courses) that "link") to my various "Darwin pages" at CSU, Chico.

Reviewers of this proposal are also encouraged to examine my "short" résumé available at or the complete résumé (, or the fall 2000 FMI submission ( to see what I have accomplished.


2. Proposed Activities and Timeline

I have been reading, thinking, and writing about Darwin for numerous years and wish the release time to consolidate my activities. In spring 2002 I shall continue my research, continue to organize my data, and continue writing and re-writing. By August 2002 I will have a manuscript finished and submitted to an appropriate publisher, perhaps Shearwater Books (a Division of Island Press), or another. I quote, from a letter received from Jonathan Cobb (Executive Editor) of Shearwater Books, dated 12 December 2000 (based on discussions held in November 2000): "You ask whether Island would be interested in a book on Darwin, his role in the development of ideas and what light his evolutionary ideas shed on the environmental predicament. Potentially, very much so" [letter of 12 December 2000 attached to paper submission]; attached you will also find a brief prospectus for The Gift Of Charles Darwin: An Individual For All Times.


3. Additional Benefits

In addition to the book-length manuscript, several scholarly articles are planned. I may be able to pursue funding to continue work on a "Project Darwin" multimedia project (for a team from CSU, Chico, to go to England and the Galápagos Islands and do a documentary video on Charles R. Darwin). In addition, in the 2002-2003AY, I plan to (#1) offer to teach seminar(s) on Darwin and/or the Philosophy of Science and (#2) provide guest lectures in classes and public lectures on behalf of CSU, Chico.

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