NON-FICTION WRITERS by Carol "Sadie" Urbanowicz

Listed in the order in which they were presented

     NOTE: a title with * in front of it is available on line at "" either wholly or in part.* P indicates print and *V indicates recording


Antonio Pigafetta - (Ferdinand Magellan's journey) *P - First Voyage Around the world 1519-1522

William Dampier –*P -  A New Voyage Round the World -1692

Pedro Fernandes de Queiros - *P  - The Voyages of Pedro Fernandez de Quiros 1595-1606

Captain James Cook –*P  - Three Voyages Round the World, OR  the book: The Journals of Captain Cook

    ARTISTS - (Cook's 1st circumnavigation) Daniel Solander, Sydney Parkinson, Alexander Buchan;

                  (2nd circumnavigation) William Hodges; ( 3rd circumnavigation) John Webber. For art go to GOOGLE IMAGES

Patrick O'Brian - (about Joseph Banks) – Joseph Banks: A Life -1987

John Hawkesworth - * P  - An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order of His Present Majesty, for Making

     Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere: and Successfully Performed by Commodore Byron, Captain Wallis,

     Captain Carteret and Captain Cook (3 Volumes ) 1773 

Louis Antoine de Bougainville –* P  - A Voyage Around the World in 1766-1769 - 1771

Edmund Fanning - *P - Voyages and Discoveries in the South Pacific 1792-1822  -1833

William BlighThe Mutiny Aboard the HMS Bounty -1792

Sir John Barrows- The Eventful History of the Mutiny and Piratical Seizure of HMS Bounty -1831

     Preferred edition: Sir John Barrows - (Gavin Kennedy, ed.) – The Mutiny of the Bounty -1980

EARLY CHRONICLER William Mariner and Dr. John Martin- *P - An Account of the Natives of the Tonga

     Islands in the South Pacific Ocean -2 volumes


John Williams –*P - A Narrative of Missionary Enterprises in the South Sea Islands-1837

William Ellis – *P - Polynesian Researches During A Residence of Nearly Eight Years in the Society and Sandwich

       Islands -1829

Mrs. Mary Mercy Ellis –*P -  Memoir of Mrs, Mary Mercy Ellis: Wife of the Rev. William Ellis, missionary in the

     South Seas and Foreign Secretary of the London Missionary Society: Including Notices of Heathen Society, of the

     Details of Missionary Life, and the Remarkable Display of Devine Goodness in Severe and Protracted Afflictions

Henry Obookiah – *P - Memoirs of Henry Obookiah

Lucy Thurston – *P -Life and Times of Mrs. Lucy Thurston, Wife of Rev. Asa Thruston, Pioneer Missionary to the

     Sandwich Islands

Hiram Bingham- *P - A Residence of Twenty-one Years in the Sandwich Islands: or the Civil, Religious, and Political

     History of Those Islands: Comprising a Particular View of the Missionary Operation Connected with the

     Introduction and Progress of Christianity and Civilization Among the Hawiian People -1848

A. R. Kassel – Hawaiian Missionaries – 2011


Owen Chase – *V - The Wreck of the Whaleship Essex -1821

Nathaniel PhilbrickIn the Heart of the Sea: The Tragedy of the Whaleship Essex -2000

Mark Twain - ( A. Grave Day ed. ) Letters from Hawaii -1966; or Letters from the Sandwich Islands

Isabella L. Bird – *P -Six Months in the Sandwich Islands -1876

Constance F. Gordon-Cumming – PAINTINGS   ( on Google images)– and books:*P -  A Lady's Cruise in a French

     Man-of-War -1877;  *P- At Home in Fiji – 1882; *P -  Fire Fountains: the Kingdom of Hawaii, Its Volcanoes, and

     the History of the Missions (2 volumes) -1883

Queen Liloukalani – Hawai'i's Story - 1990

Robert Louis Stevenson – (A.  Grove Day, ed.) Travels in Hawaii -1973; *P - A Footnote to History: Eight Years of

     Trouble in Samoa – 1892;  *P -In the South Seas – 1895

Charles Warren Stoddard – *P - South Sea Idyls - 1864; *P - Summer Cruising in the South Seas -1874;

*P - A Trip to Hawaii 1885;  *P - Hawaiian Life: Being Lazy, Letters from the Low Latitudes -1894

Paul Gauguin – *P - Noa Noa (translated 1919)

Jack London –*P - The Cruise of the Snark -1911

Arthur Francis Grimble – *P Pattern of Islands-1952 (also known as We Choose the Islands);

 Frederick O'Brien – *P - White Shadows in the South Seas -1919

George Leslie Calderon – *P - Tahiti – 1921

Bronislaw Kaspar MalinowskiArgonauts of the Western Pacific -1922

Margaret Mead – *P - Coming of Age in Samoa – 1928; *P - Growing Up in New Guinea -1930  

James A. Michener – (with A. Grave Day) Rascals in Paradise -1957

Sir Peter Buck / Te Rangi HiroaVikings of the Sunrise-1938;  The Coming of the Maori -1947

Sydney W. PowellA South Sea Diary -1942

Robert A. Langdon – Tahiti: Island of Love -1959

A. Grove DayHawaii: Fiftieth Star -1960; (with Carl Stroven) - A Hawaiian Reader 1961; (with Carl Stroven) True

     Tales of the South Seas -1966; Spell of Hawaii -1968; The Lure of Tahiti -1987; Hawaii and its People -1995;

     Pacific Islands Literature -1971; Mad About Islands: Novelists of a Vanished Pacific -1987

Gavan DawsShoal of Time-1968; Holy Man: Father Damien of Molokai -1973; A Dream of Islands – 1980;

      (with George Cooper)-Land and Power in Hawaii 1985; Honolulu, The First Century: The story of the town to

     1876 -2006

Sarah Vowell – Unfamiliar Fishes -2011



 Listed in the order in which they were presented by Carol "Sadie" Urbanowicz

Daniel Defoe – *V - Robinson Crusoe - 1719

William Bligh – *V - The Mutiny On Board the HMS Bounty – 1792

Sir John Barrow The Mutiny on the Bounty -1831 – (1980 (Gavin Kennedy editor)

James Norman Hall and Charles Bernard Nordhoff – *VP - Faery Lands of the South Seas – 1921;

     Trilogy: Mutiny on the Bounty – 1932, Men Against the Sea – 1932 – Pitcairn's Island – 1934;

     Hurricane – 1936;  No More Gas – 1940;  South Sea Tales – 1941

Richard Hough- Captain Bligh and Mr. Christian-1973

Albertine LoomisGrapes of Canaan: The True Story of Hawaii's Missionaries – 1966

Herman Melville – *VP - Typee – 1846; *VP -  Oomo – 1847; *VP -Moby Dick -1851

Mark TwainLetters From Hawaii 1866 (ed. A. Grove Day); *VP - Roughing It – 1872

Pierre Loti – *P - The Marriage of Loti  (also known as Rarahu) -1880

Louis Becke –*P -  By Reef and Palm – 1894; *P - The Ebbing of the Tide- 1896; 

     P -The Mutineer: a Romance of Pitcairn Island – 1898; South Seas Supercargo -1906 ( a collection compiled by

     Grove Day - 1967)

Charles Warren Stoddard – *P - South Sea Idyls -1873

Robert Louis Stevenson – *V - South Sea Tales – 1893 also titled Island Nights' Entertainments;

Robert Louis Stevenson and Lloyd Osbourne – *VP - The Wrecker – 1892; *VP  - The Ebb-Tide – 1894

Lloyd Osbourne – *P - Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas – 1922

Jack LondonSouth Sea Tales – 1911; A Son of the Sun – 1912; House of Pride and Other Tales of Hawaii -1912;

     On the Makaloa Mat – 1919;  (All included *P in  Complete Short Stories of Jack London)

Armine von TempskiBorn in Paradise – 1940; Aloha – 1946; Lava -1930; Ripe Breadfruit -1935

W, Somerset Maugham – *VP­ - The Moon and Sixpence –1919; *VP - The Trembling of a Leaf [incl. short story "Rain"] -1921

James A. MichenerTales of the South Pacific -1941; Return to Paradise – 1951; Hawaii – 1959

Oswald Andrew Bushnell O.A. BushnellThe Return of Lono -1955; The Water of Kane -1960; Moloki – 1972;

     Ka'a'awa -1975; The Stone of Kannon -1978

Maualaivao Albert Wendt "Albert Wendt"Sons for the Return Home -1973; Pouliuli -1977

A. Grove Day – (with Eric Knudsen) Teller of Hawaiian Tales -1945; (with Carl Stroven) Best South Sea Stories -1965

Eugene BurdickThe Blue of Capricorn -1961

John O'Grady - pseudonym of Nino CulottaNo Kava for Johnny - 1966

Gavan DawsHonolulu Stories: Two Centuries of Writing -2008

Celeste VaiteBreadfruit -2000; Frangapani -2004; Taire in Bloom -2006


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