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Dr. Charles F. Urbanowicz
Professor of Anthropology
California State University, Chico
Chico, California 95929-0400
PHONE: 530-898-6220
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MAY 7, 1998:'98_Millennium_Paper.html ( List-owner paper on technology and the future: January 5, 1998) (List-owner paper on technology: April 30, 1998) (Web66 California Schools) (Bartlett's Quotations: 1901) AS WELL AS (Inspirational words) AND OR (On-line encyclopedia) AND AS WELL AS (Dictionary!) (Office of Admissions & Records)


MAY 5, 1998: (Massive Cinco De Mayo Site) (Fall 1998 classes at Chico State)'98_Millennium_Paper.html (List-owner paper on technology and the future: January 5, 1998) ( List-owner paper on technology: April 30, 1998) (World Wide Web Course Tools) AND ALSO SEE

SPECIAL FEATURE FROM BUSINESS WEEK OF MAY 4, 1998: "How To Make The Net Your Broker" (Free directory of investing resources)

http://www.investor.msn (Portfolio tracking service) (Editorial content + customized investment advice) (Market commentary) (Charting capabilities) (C|NET Central) AND (Hotwired) (Office of Admissions & Records)


APRIL 30, 1998: (Electronic application to Chico State) (For a "clickable" map of the Chico State Campus)'98_Millennium_Paper.html (List-owner paper on technology and the future: January 5, 1998) ( List-owner paper on technology: April 30, 1998) (George Washington Library of Congress citations) (Road Trip America) (Tobacco documents on the WWW) (Office of Admissions & Records)


APRIL 28, 1998: (Top ten reasons to attend Chico State) (Career Planning & Placement Office) (Create Your Own Newspaper) AND (Other newspapers around the world) (High Schools of the future by the Chico Unified School District) (Baseball in the Summer of 1998) AS WELL AS (Sports facilities) (Office of Admissions & Records)


APRIL 23, 1998: (Associated Students at Chico State) (International Student Services) (the Office of Experiential Education at Chico State) (Fall 1998 classes at Chico State) (Comprehensive listing of airline links)

SPECIAL FEATURE: THIRD ANNUAL GLOBAL INFRASTRUCTURE AWARDS (from USA Today of April 22, 1998): (Arts and Entertainment) (Support site for high school students) (On-line brokerage firm) (AIDS/HIV information source) (student collaboration in educational web sites) (Indianapolis on-line) (Cancer resource and support site) (Listed as top navigational guide on the Internet) (Connection to supercomputers and other high-tech tools) (Service and volunteering) (Worldwide community organizations) (Holocaust information) (Holocaust information) (Office of Admissions & Records)


APRIL 21, 1998: (CSU Chancellor Reed) (Chico State Alumni Association) AS WELL AS (Accessible Web Designing) (Search for yourself!) (Mashantucket-Pequot Center) (Office of Admissions & Records)


APRIL 16, 1998: (Chico Enterprise-Record newspaper) (University and Community Life) (The Emerging Digital Economy) (High School courses in Cyberspace) (Chico State Office of Admissions & Records)


APRIL 14, 1998: (Spring 1998 Musical at Chico State)

TITANIC SITES:; (Currency Converter)


APRIL 9, 1998: (CSU Chancellor Reed) (Keeping Dance Alive at Chico State) (Fall 1998 Classes at Chico State) (Internal Revenue Service) (Anthropology in the News)


APRIL 7, 1998: (A Sense of Place) (What's New At Chico State) (Summer 1998 Courses) (Beaucoup search Engines!) (Libraries on the World Wide Web) (US State Department Information)


APRIL 2, 1998: (Transfer Preview Day) (Engineering at Chico State) (Chico Enterprise-Record newspaper) (Chico Chamber of Commerce) (CredentialNet) ("Change Detection Server" or Robot!) (Florida History)


MARCH 31, 1998: (Transfer Preview Day) (Career Planning & Placement Office) (Spring 1998 Musical) (Scholarship database) (Anthropological Congress) (National Education Association)


MARCH 19, 1998: (Spring 1998 academic calendar) (Chico State Calendar) (Chico Enterprise-Record newspaper) AS WELL AS (NCAA Tournament information) (70th Academy Awards) (Schools in cyberspace)


MARCH 17, 1998: (Chico State and K-12 links) (Chico Debate team) (Spring 1998 Academic Calendar) (Education "report card") AS WELL AS (St. Patrick's Day) (Archaeology on the WWW)


MARCH 13, 1998: (Spring 1998 Academic Calendar) (Airline links) (Anthropology Congress) AS WELL AS (Triskaidekaphobia sites)


MARCH 12, 1998: (Spring 1998 Academic Calendar) (Web Teacher) (Financial Aid) (The New York Public Library)


MARCH 10, 1998: (The Orion publication ) (Keeping Dance Alive) (Spring 1998 Academic Calendar) (Fifty state "report card") (Embryonic stars) (Copyright issues)


MARCH 5, 1998: (Office of Admissions and records) (Play: Comedy of Errors) (Shakespeare Oxford Society) (Web searching) (Titanic) (Project Jason)


MARCH 3, 1998: (Office of Admissions and records) (April 4 Transfer Preview Day) (Fraternities & Sororities) (Kingdom of Morocco)


FEBRUARY 24, 1998: (Spring 1998 Chico State musical) (University Accredition documentation) (Career Information) (K-12 schools on the WWW) (California schools) (Anthropology on the WWW)


FEBRUARY 23, 1998: (Local Chico weather) (El Niño in California) (African research at Chico State) (WWW geographic directory) (CNN & Iraq news) (Frederick Douglas)


FEBRUARY 19, 1998: (Chico State Calendar) (Spring 1998 enrollments) (Contemporary comments) (Department of Justice & Microsoft) (Computerized data base for medicine)


FEBRUARY 17, 1998: (Electronic application) (Inside Chico publication) (Meriam Library Internet resources) (Collaborative Visualization Project [COVIS]) (Pacific Islands WWW Sites)


FEBRUARY 16, 1998: (Chico Statements publication) (Technology and School Reform) (Abraham Lincoln) (George Washington) (Federal Statistics)


FEBRUARY 13, 1998: (Community Calendar) (Newspapers on the WWW) (Specific newspapers on the WWW) (triskaidekaphobia)


FEBRUARY 12, 1998: (Chico scholarships) (Complementary publication) (Technology & Teacher Education) (An Internet florist) (1998 Winter Olympics) (1998 Winter Olympics)


FEBRUARY 10, 1998: (Chico weather) (Transfer Day at Chico) (Inside Chico publication) (The Orion publication) (C|NET Central) (Teaching-Learning on the WWW)

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